Thursday, 4 June 2015

A day of ups and downs

Well - there has to be some bumps along this journey!  Woke up early this morning to meet the third builder to give me a flat roof quote (why does 8:15am now seem REALLY early?)  It turns out that I have taught all his children so feel secure with him - although I haven't had his quote yet!  Getting a bit worried about the cheap quote yesterday - apparently a friend had trouble with him even coming to give her a quote and thinks he's unreliable - lets see.

Then it was up to Grimsby for some retail therapy - 7 boxes of shape biscuits (it was all they had - the biscuits were on offer at £1 per 800g box as opposed to over £3 for a 2kg bag go figure!), a wireless printer and a weekly shop at ASDA's later I arrived at my favourite fabric shop to talk about a job opportunity.  I was under the impression that we would be talking terms - days, pay, details etc - whereas the owner seem to be talking to me as if I had just walked in off the street and said "Give us a job."  Nevertheless we talked for around an hour and I have left my details - she says that she will need someone in September and so will give me a shout then.  Lets see what happens.

Finally it was time to go mad in Dunelm with the £100 gift card that my colleagues kindly gave me.  I walked out with a rug, a dirt trapping door mat, a throw and four cushion pads - and still have £23 left.  Now I just need to find room to store everything whilst I clean the conservatory!

Tonight its the weekly SW weigh in.  Despite my excellent attempts this week my own scales seem to suggest that I have gained 2 pounds!  I seriously have no idea where they have come from - having made those good choices when I was out on Monday and having completed that 5k walk.  This is depressing but I need to see it as just a blip - to do otherwise would be the start of insanity me thinks!

No picture today - just something that I came across which seems apt this week!


  1. We have to have the down times to appreciate the up times!!!!! You did well in Dunelm all the sweeter for it being on a gift card. As for the 2lbs on, it could be the 5k walk, muscle weighs more than fat, good excuse not to go for another 5k walk.

  2. Yep, all sunshine and no rain makes a desert! Hoping the SW scales give a better weigh in than your own. Those weeks are maddening aren't they, when you are soooo good and then the weight goes on! But as you say, just see it as a blip, don't let it bring you down. Love Dunelm Mill!

    1. Love the desert analogy! Sadly the sw scales said the same. Hey ho - there's always next week!

    2. :( what a shame, don't be disheartened, if you were teaching a maths class and showing them a graph the overall trend would be down, keep looking at the bigger picture and don't focus on yesterday.