Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Its been a strange but productive day

Last night I was watching an old "Have I got news for you" which finished around 11:15pm.  Since today would normally have been my pay day and I was awaiting for some travel expenses - I thought - shall I wait up until after midnight and see if the expenses are in?  Now I have no idea what time the bank payments are made - but let me tell you - its not 12:10am!!  When I woke up this morning part of the expenses had been paid in - but not all.  So I emailed school who told me that there was a glitch and that some people had not actually received any wages today - they will all be paid on Friday.  Now clearly I can wait for travel expenses - but wages being late in these days of 24/7 communications????

All of the above is just really to indicate that today should have been another tired mooching around day - made all the worse by Katie barking at 4:30am!!!  Trust me they were put straight back to bed after being let out!!  Instead I set to completing some of the jobs that had been hanging around.  Firstly there was the topper for the small set of drawers - a topper to match the table runner.

Next there was today's random act of kindness - I baked two cherry and almond cakes using a recipe that I first learnt when I was much much younger and had a day off poorly.  The cookery program (some form of country kitchen) on tv showed you how to make a cherry cake without the cherries falling to the bottom of the cake - its my go to cake recipe when I need one.  I thought that I could take one tonight when I go sewing and give the other one tomorrow to Jean when I pop around to see if she's okay.  (I also have another idea for a RAK for her but will reveal all tomorrow).

After lunch  (a very strange affair of mixed veg, chicken off cuts and instant cheese sauce - can't you tell that I am trying to run the freezer down?) I then set to using some oil cloth to line a wicker basket that is in the conservatory holding my gardening shoes, gardening gloves and pruners.  I have so much fabric around that I am trying to use up what I've got if I can - but was lucky to find a red check oil cloth which seems to match the red / brown strange combo that's going on.   I also found some green / brown striped woollen fabric that I am going to "audition" to see if its suitable to cover the chairs at the dining table.

I don't know about you - but its freezing here - definitely jumper time.  But the weather forecast says that it will be dry for the rest of today but raining tomorrow.  Therefore after walking the dogs I set to filling the green garden rubbish bin which is due for collection this Thursday morning - I am blowed if I am paying £25 a year to not have it emptied - there's a lot of garden to get rid of!

Dinner tonight is roast chicken - a luxury for a Tuesday, I know, but another let's empty the freezer meals.  That should take care of some meals this week - soup tomorrow if its this bad again.  And then its off to sewing - just two classes to go before we break for the summer holiday.

Toothwatch - the salt washing seems to be working - or I am getting used to the pain - the tooth is much better today - only hurts when ..... I am washing it with salt water.  Go figure!!


  1. Productive days are great aren't they! Don't know how you can live with cake in the house, and not eat it!
    Have you tried lukewarm water to swill your mouth with?

  2. Well done on another productive day, I have to say those cakes look rather good!!
    Good news about the tooth, hopefully it is getting better and not that you are getting used to it! Xx

  3. FoxesNeverQuit25 June 2015 at 00:41

    Surely everyone knows that dusting the cherries in flour helps them not sink to the bottom :-)