Monday, 15 June 2015

Happy 800th Birthday


So - today is the 800th anniversary of signing the Magna Carta.  I have been privileged to see one of the four copies of this document - held at Lincoln Castle - and it is awe inspiring to see such an old document.

Today also sees the end of the decorating marathon.  Katie even acknowledged this momentous occasion by letting me have a lie in until 7:07am!  That was my cue to start a day of cleaning - up and down ladders - to ensure that all the windows were cleaned and ready for inspection.  There are still features to be completed - a table runner, fabric coasters, a topper for the small set of drawers and a cushion for the sofa.  However the ladders can be put away - for a few weeks at least!  I have decided to do a room a month so the utility room doesn't need to be started until the 1st July.

For those of you who didn't see the conservatory before, or cannot remember it, I have taken some before pictures to remind you.

And now this is what it looks like - let's hope the video works!!
 If the video doesn't work then scroll down to the bottom for the blog for the after pictures.
Now I can her some people saying (ME!!) - looks nice - but will she keep it like that.  Well, given the amount of fabric content still to put in clearly not - but I promise that every Monday I will take a photo for you all to check whether it still looks as good.
On a different note Happymum messaged me yesterday and suggested that I looked at my "stats" - a count of people reading my blog - identified country by country.  I was flabbergasted to see how widespread this blog is - please feel free to leave a comment so that we know where you are from.
So -that's it from me today - the sun is shining and my back feels better so I think its time to walk the dogs.  Then, this evening, I am going to spend some time getting the old sizzix machine out to cut some paper hexagons for a friend who wants to do some English Paper Piecing whilst she's laid up from an operation I am hoping to pop round and see her tomorrow for a cuppa.
After pictures



  1. Well done you are indeed nearly there! Hooray. It looks lovely I do say 'please keep it like that, it is such a pleasure to sit in. You could perhaps do with a basket or something to put your garden shoes in!! It will keep the floor clean.
    I know what you mean about painting being a bit boring, I have been busy tody painting a lot of stone window cills. I'm pleased with results though. Xxx

  2. Looking GOOD! The video worked perfectly. A weekly update on the tidiness ...well that should count as a challenge I reckon ! Well done you for volunteering! I hadn't realised until a surf on ebay last week how popular that paint shade is on pine dressers! Just a few months ago they were all cream/white, now its quite different!
    I am amazed at all the views you have had, and from so many places!! Are you on Google+? Be great to read some comments from some of them :) Looking forward to seeing your makes when you do them.

  3. It's looking good, a job well done, will look forward to our sit and sew group in there (that when I get a Wednesday free!) . Will pop in and out of the blog to keep up with your retirement adventures this week as I may not see you until next Tuesdays class.