Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Take time to smell the roses

Today started rather later than usual - work up at 8:15am!!  Mind you I had stayed up to watch a Channel 4 documentary on the shopworkers taking over the shop to help secure its future.  The programme featured a local shop in Louth - if ME hadn't have reminded me to record it then their clever marketing flyer that I received last week might have done - notice the "As seen on tv"?

After breakfast etc I then popped round to see Jean and complete my 3rd RAK - I took her a fabric pack, a set of fabric and paper hexagons and one of yesterday's cakes.  Whilst I am talking about cakes  should say that Margaret was very pleased with hers last night - I told her that she was famous now and she blushed!!  BEFORE Jean opened her gift she showed me her sewing room and declared that she was never buying fabric again - oops!!  After she had opened it I apologised - and then got right royally told off - never say sorry for giving me fabric she said!!

Then it as home for lunch - by now the sun had come put and it was beginning to be too hot to sit I the conservatory  (although it didn't stop me having a nap later in the afternoon!) and so I sat outside - putting the umbrella up for the first time this summer (carefully just in case a spider had taken up home over the winter!)  whilst I was sat outside, and later when I mowed the lawn, I wondered about this patch by the side of the house - the large fuchsia bush provides shelter and privacy - but the area has become a bit of a dumping ground.  Given that I cannot start to decorate the utility room until the freezer has gone (oh you will laugh when you see how tiny the space actually is) I am thinking that this area will become my next project.  I have a plastic white seat not doing anything so with some tidying, pruning, cleaning and titivating there could be a nice spot created here for a cuppa in the morning.  It would also start to make the front of the house look better.  Bunting, cushions ...........

Now - back to the lawn.  As I said I mowed it this afternoon and it has been a looooong time since it was mown - with all the rain we've had - so it was more like a bad hair cut but I have taken a picture so that those of us who are old enough to remember spot the ball can play "spot the stepping stones"  Somewhere in this area of lawn are about 7 stepping stones that will need to be cut out!!  If you want to play then print off this picture and place your crosses - I will dig them out and post a picture in a few days!!

Foodwise - today has been another good day and (I am whispering now you understand) the scales are looking remarkably good - fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Toothwatch - might have spoken too soon yesterday - had to take two sets of painkillers today.  Much better than before, however - I was taking four sets on Saturday and Sunday!


  1. Another interesting blog. I love reading them - it's a bit like having a short story everyday! I agree with you that the area near your utility room needs sorting and it would indeed make a lovely seating area. Do you have a power washer? That would help to clean it up and get rid of all those little weeds that seem to delight in growing where you don't want them.!! I'm not clever enough to print off the lawn but I would like stake a claim for area at the top of the shadow. Hopefully you could work that out. All the best for tomorrow's wigh in!!! Xx. Good programme last night, I was pleased for the two young girls. Xx

  2. Gardens are hard work aren't they! Ours is titchy but it still takes more time than I seem to have! Do we get prizes if we guess the stepping stones correctly??
    We saw the Running the Shop too...what a nice boss he was. Was pleased for the girls too, and glad the bossy buyer didn't get her way!
    A power washer sounds fab, our slabs are really dirty!

    1. I am sure that I can find a suitable prize!

  3. The shop program was great although I agree with happymum, the buyer was definitely trying to take over. Glad for the two young assistants who did very well.