Tuesday, 2 June 2015

RIP Charles Kennedy

After walking up at a smug 7:45am I was upset to hear the sad and unexpected news about Charles Kennedy.  Although  I never knew him, and he clearly had his own problems with alcohol, the former MP always came across as a decent person and someone that I wanted to listen to and hear his views.  To lose such a charismatic politician at such a young age is a huge shame and my personal wishes go
out to his family and friends.

Not only that but I have also thought
that he is my brother's doppleganger - judge for yourself! (Phil will kill me to uploading this picture!)

 Otherwise today has been a fairly mixed one.  After getting up and wiping down the walls, I managed to put the first coat of paint on the walls of the conservatory (tomorrow should see the end of painting this room - thank goodness).  I have contacted 3 roofers to look at the hole in my flat roof over the utility room and arranged for them to come and give me a quote (the utility room is the next for the Dobbo treatment) and have sat on the phone for what seems like hours trying to get my pension sorted out - it turns out that the county council don't seem to be talking to Teacher's Pensions to confirm my retirement date.  You would think that its a simple conversation wouldn't you?

Creatively I have made a 12 x 12 inch block for a quilting bee swap and have sorted out my sampler blocks to go to my sewing class tonight - this sampler quilt will be lovely when its finished but it feels like painting the forth bridge!

So - a bitty day - with some paperwork / bill paying thrown in for good measure along with a dog walk in the wind and rain.

By the way - I did ache this morning after yesterday's walk - but nowhere as much as I thought that I would.


  1. Once again enjoyed the blog! And once again you seem to have had a busy day. I agree with you sentiments about Charles Kennedy, such a shame. Had a busy day myself now off to WI. Xx

  2. Really frustrating not to be able to see all your pics! Can see the late Charles Kennedy and the lovely quilt, but not the one of Phil! Yours is not the only blog I have trouble with, I often only see every other picture, some come a while later, but not always. Might be the size of some of the pics hubby reckons. Anyway, that aside, its always exciting to log on and see what you have been up to!

  3. Have just discovered, if I click on the little box in the white space where a pic should be...I get taken to the pic itself.....nice one and I think I took that one!

    1. I think you did - it's certainly incriminating evidence!