Monday, 22 June 2015

From little acorns ....ideas grow

I woke up this morning to the same toothache so, as soon as I could, I made an appointment.  As Happymum said it was nice to just accept the first appointment (lunchtime) without having to work other commitments around it.  So that then left me time to get on with other chores - like tidying around for the decorator who is coming this evening to give me a quote - I am hoping to go away on holiday at some point and come back to find newly painted rooms - what bliss!  Tidying also reminded me of my Monday commitment - to post a photo of the conservatory every week to show ME that it is still tidy.  You will notice that the much talked about table runner is now complete and in position.  The points of the central Dresden plate are not secured - leaving some joker to remark that it would be a good place to put forks and put a fondue set in the middle - its a thought I guess!!


I also noticed that the workmen had returned outside my house - they seem to be digging much of the grass verge trying to find something - it needed mowing before so I guess that's saved me a job!  (You would dig a smaller hole to bury a coffin!!) Since its on the chilly side here, and threatening rain, I popped out a couple of times with some mugs of tea and coffee which were gratefully received.  And then I remembered one of the challenges was to do 7 acts of random kindness in a week - so this is my challenge for this week - to do something every day which makes the world just a tiny bit nicer for someone.

Mind you I then completed the back of my quilting block and sent that off - which was another challenge completed, whilst a blog entry from a former student talked about creating marzipan scones and another challenge had been to create a new scone flavour ..........  I'm wondering about marzipan and apricot scones ME!!

So - I set off to the dentist with some trepidation - clearly my mouth couldn't hurt unless there was a major problem!  As it was the dentist looked and said that the tooth was fine but that I had an inflamed gum - I had to soak it in salt water and keep taking pain killers for 5 - 10 days.  If it was still as bad after that he would take the toot out - its right at the back, difficult to access and one that I don't use - hopefully the soaking will help and avoid that outcome though!

Talking about soaking - this was the sky on the way home.  I just got in before the heavens opened but it kept on for most of the afternoon - ever feel another snooze coming on?  Darn that nice warm conservatory and those comforting sofa throws!!

And finally (said that that newsreader style of course) I have just come across this.  How about this for your next craft project Happymum?


  1. Loving the table runner in place....cast away any ideas of a fondue set!
    Ouch to the dentist probs....hoping the washing really want to keep as many teeth as you can I reckon, I have listened to too many people complaining about their dentures!!
    Loving the idea of the scones!
    As for the amazing crochet work!! My son would LOVE it..I sincerely doubt my crochet pattern following skills could cope with that! What a great idea though!
    Definitely a bit of a snoozing theme going on !

  2. Marzipan and apricot scones sound lovely.... what about marzipan and beetroot scones - a taste sensation.

  3. I think the Beetroot would over power the marzipan, but might be worth experimenting with.
    Well done on the conservatory - still looking good, just wondering how the other rooms are looking!! I hope the toothache responds well to the salt treatment. It's a shame you have to go back on the pain killers.
    Just think if you were still working (as opposed to enjoying yourself) you would have missed the workmen outside. You will soon be as 'interested in your community as I am

  4. Meant to say 'interested in your community' as I am, but then I get called nosey

  5. FoxesNeverQuit23 June 2015 at 01:42

    How about marzipan ... forget the scones and definitely forget any sight of fruit or vegetables ... you can't beat a block of marzipan ... Thanks Dad :-) x

  6. A block of marzipan - now you are talking.....