Saturday, 13 June 2015

Shh - do not disturb

After a slightly restless night Katie woke me up again wanting to go out - at 6am!  This time though I went back to bed - woke up at 10am!!!!!  Not only that but the back pain is now more like a twinge so clearly the sleep helped - aren't our bodies wonderful things.

The late rise kind of marked the rest of the day - didn't really get started much before 11:30 - waxed some of the dresser, put drawer liners in the small set of drawers and loaded the dishwasher - before scrubbing some more tiles - I am nearly there - honest!!  I even feel confident enough to put the dirt trapper runner in front of the door to reduce the need for future scrubbing!  As I said yesterday, we are now rounding the corner to the home straight.  I am washing things before putting them away - but at least surfaces are beginning to reveal themselves.  I want to get to the fabric / sewing side of the project and its tantalisingly close!!

Lunch was a bacon / mushroom / onion / potato and baked beans mash up and tea is chicken something (from the freezer  - some may even call it freezer lottery - it is a mystery tea but will be sw friendly) with potatoes, carrots and broccoli with a muller mint chocolate pud - 5 syns.  So I have been extra good today to make up for yesterday!

The rest of the evening will be spent sewing a Lynette
Anderson cushion to go on the sofas - you can't beat a bit of hand sewing.

Sorry that's this is so short - but that's the kind of lazy day it's been.  I hope that everyone else is having a great weekend x


  1. Lazy days are necessary sometimes. Pleased the pain has diminished, you'll be able to do so much more tomorrow!!!! I can't wait to see the whole room finished.xx

  2. We all need lazy days and it was a sensible option to allow your body to continue to mend.
    You weren't tempted to go out and "Knit in public" today then?? Shame we weren't around or I would have done it for a laugh...should have made it one of your challenges!
    I think you need to invest in a steam mop, they are supposed to be fab, and you have quite a large area so it would make life much easier.