Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Challenge number 3 - cook something with pumpkin seeds

This was the challenge set last week by Margaret - a lady who attends the Tuesday night sewing class with me and who makes the most amazing cups of coffee - I regularly tease her that I only go on a Tuesday for her cuppa.  With only a couple of sewing classes left before we break up for the summer holiday, and having finished the conservatory yesterday, I decided to bake her the Beetroot seed cake that I found a recipe for last week.

I used to bake regularly - for church etc, and kid myself that I am not a bad baker - but whilst following Slimming world, cake baking has had to go on the back burner.  Therefore it was a shock to see how many ingredients you needed and how many bowls / utensils were included - doubly so since this was what I asked my students to do every week!!  (By the way today is their last day at school - good luck to any of them that are reading this - I know that some of them do!)

However I set to - even religiously avoiding the grated beetroot as if it were nuclear grade chemical warfare - just in case it stained anywhere you understand.  The result was this reddish looking cake batter (looks similar to the tomato soup cake I used to make!!)

Fifty minutes later the batter had formed two loaf cakes which, after cooling were drizzled with a lemon icing and garnished with poppy seeds.  All that was left to do was to try a slice for an afternoon treat - now I couldn't take it to class this afternoon without checking it out could I??  By the way - and as definitely NOT a fan of beetroot - it was mmmmmmmmmm.

I will report back tomorrow as to whether Margaret liked it or not.

Elsewhere in the dobbo madhouse I popped out for an hour or so to see a good friend - Jean.  She is recovering after major surgery and so is limited to the house - an excuse for a couple of cuppas, a good long chat and a gentle wonder around her lovely garden.  Its a beautiful day here with the hint of a gentle breeze - just my kind of day.

Finally it was time to walk the dogs at the beach and then assemble my fabric etc for the sewing class.  Dinner was another BBC recipe stand by - French Style Country Chicken.  It always seems strange when I talk about cooking with lettuce - but it really adds to the dish - give it a try!

So - no decorating - a day free to do as I wish - mmmmmmmmmm

Meat Free Challenge - w/b July 6th

Just to give you the heads up -  a certain young brother of mine has challenged me to go meat free for a week and we have chosen the week beginning Monday July 6th.  Feel free to join us if you can - I have no idea how long I can last but its worth a try.


  1. If only I could put my hand through this screen and reach for a piece of that cake! Looks yum! Can highly recommend the tomato soup cake too...odd as it sounds its very good indeed.
    We are not veggies ourselves, but I do try out the Quorn products when they are on special offer....I reckon you could easily get through the week with some of them in your freezer :) But its not a replacement for the real thing that's for sure!

    1. I think that Quorn and fish are the way to go - with the odd butternut squash / mushroom risotto. I cant say I'm looking forward to it but its a challenge so is meant to take me out of my comfort zone. As for the cake - no chance!!