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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Once upon a time .......

Once upon a time ...............................  Well the weather is beginning to feel like some sort of fairytale -last night it was almost too hot to sleep, today finds me sitting in church with a jumper and a fleece on!!  However church gave me the opportunity to complete the RAK challenge - day 7 and I gave two people some Bayliss and Harding body lotion.  Linda is our church warden who always seems to have too much on her plate and needs some de-stressing "me" time whilst Beryl is an elderly lady who always askes after me and urges me to take care of myself - particularly when the headaches were at their worst.  Both were a little surprised with their gifts but were extremely pleased.  I have to say I get more from these RAK moments that the recipients!

This now means that I have completed 5 challenges so far with this week's being "Make and trial a new scone recipe".  with the weather forecast suggesting tropical conditions by Wednesday I think that the baking should be kept to a minimum!!

After a quick lunch of a feta cheese salad and a snooze (rudely awakened by someone daring to mow their lawn - who would have thought that sunday afternoon is a good day to do that!!).  It was time to complete a few jobs. 

Firstly there is the freezer problem.  I have a small, under the counter, freezer and a large upright one.  In order to make more sense of the utility room I have decided to down size and give away the upright freezer (I have a new owner lined up ) and so needed to rejig the small freezer to make room for the contents of the large freezer.  Cue a lot of rationalisation - including opening packets of SW meatballs and putting them in a single ziplock bag.  There is still some food left in the large freezer but I think, by the end of the week, I will be ready to defrost and clean.  Freezer lottery for tea it is!!

Next it was on to the sewing room.  ME mentioned several days ago that she wondered what the rest of the house looked like with the conservatory completed.  She was right - the sewing room, in particular , is a mess!  So this week I am spending at least 15 minutes per day sorting it out - by the end of the week it should be a workable space again.

After some general tidying around, and a dinner of roast chicken plus the last frozen jkt potato (see what I did there?), it was time to pop up to the hospital to visit Tanya.  Luckily she has been moved closer to home but it must be nearly 4 weeks since she was at home and she must be yearning just to see her dog, let alone be in the comfort of her own home!!


  1. Well done on the RAKs and challenges in general :)
    When my chest freezer died a couple of years back, my neighbour gave me a "spare" upright...never has my freezer been so organised!! I have labelled drawers now "meat" "fruit" "veg" "ice cream" etc! Of course there is also a "misc" drawer as no matter how organised you get, there are always things that don't fit into a category!
    I think you can be excused the sewing room having that "lived in" look, as after all, the idea of having a sewing room is you don't have to clear up after each session!

  2. Your sewing room is starting to look like my office!! Glad the RAK' s are working well.

    1. I am deeply insulted - my sewing room could NEVER look like your office!!

  3. Looking forward to reading about the scones! Who are you going to give them to, obviously you can't eat them all.xxxx

    1. The challenge was to make and then trial the recipe. With the sewing group on Tuesday and the other one on Wednesday I have some willing guinea pigs.