Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Good friends .........mean that you tidy up!!

Yes - its Wednesday so its stitch and sew - tonight they are coming round to mine to see the conservatory so it has meant a day of tidying up and getting straight.

But first to last night and Margaret's reaction to the Beetroot cake.  I am pleased to say that she loved it - and asked for the recipe.  Others remarked on how healthy it tasted with all those seeds and vegetables - it certainly was a very light cake - and luckily the mixture did enough for me to use today as well.  Michelle, another sewer, also brought along a cute bunny that se had made - complete with her liberty fabric dungarees.  Its a standing joke that she likes liberty fabric so, when Wendy and I saw some remnants for £1 a piece, we couldn't resist - this is the fabric that she used.

After an early bout of housework - yes complete with a pinny on (domestic goddess) I popped out to see Janet and her husband.  They came to a faith lunch at pout church and offered to mow and strim our churchyard for free - just pay them petrol money they said.  So I popped around to give them the money (along with two pieces of cake - I said that it would come in useful!).  We are extremely grateful for their kind offer and cake seems the least that we can do!

Then it was time to do some sewing.  I am in a Quilting Bee on Facebook and have committed to making a 12 1/2 inch square plus back label every month.  This month they asked for a postage quilt block made put of pink and other bright colours.  I thought that it would be good to make two and keep one for myself - will come in useful I am sure.  This is also one of the weekly challenges but I wont claim it yet until I have done something for the back.

So, after walking the dogs and a final hoover around, it's time for tea and waiting for my guests to arrive - photo to follow tomorrow.  Thursday is also the day that my flat roof is mended so I can start thinking about redecorating /refurbishing the utility room.  It is only a tiny room but it is just not working - mainly because of the huge freezer that needs to go - squeezing between the wall and the freezer does not make loading the washing machine easy to achieve!!

By the way what do  we think about the fight to get meat when its reduced in the supermarket - as shown by the online video.  If it is based on a need to feed the family then shame on us, if its based on greed then shame on them.  I must admit that I have often looked at the reduced aisle but have never gone headlong into battle like this.


  1. Love the little bunny, £1 for a remnant of Liberty has got to be good going!
    Sounds like I really need to try out that cake recipe then! Perhaps I wont tell everyone what its made from though :)
    I thought those customers were quite restrained actually!! But have never seen anything quite like must have been really cheap!! The reduced section I usually see for meat only has about 50p off! We do have a cousin however who seems to get great bargains at Christmas time, never managed it myself though.
    I watched a TV programme called "Running the Shop" last night about a bakery chain....they throw out what hasn't sold each day! What a waste!

  2. FoxesNeverQuit19 June 2015 at 00:43

    I also saw the Running the Shop programme and couldn't believe they didn't pass on the remaining bread to a charity and then play on the freshness / charity angle in a new marketing launch. Hey ho ... if only I was in charge ...