Thursday, 25 June 2015

All is well in my world / RAK number 4

Do you ever have one of those moments where you feel completely at peace with yourself and your lot?  I don't have them that often but experienced one this morning.  I had woken up early - around 6am - and got out of bed - lots to do etc.  After the normal morning routine I sat down to breakfast in the conservatory and turned round to see this sight!  What could be wrong in my world when I have these two, my health, my family and lovely weather?

I then set off for some shopping.  First stop was to B & Q to explore my options re this outdoor seating area.  There were a number of lovely, and affordable, options but I had my sensible head on this morning.  That "all weather bistro set" was lovely but it was £87 - what if I don't use it that much - is it worth paying that much for a garden ornament.  Instead I have opted for my old white seat that I mentioned yesterday - but needed somewhere to put my cup - haha - the brain cells are ringing.  I have two large pots out there not being used - perhaps I could put a nice paving stone on top - cheaper and it would serve this summer and I could perhaps pick up a bargain at the end of summer if I want some thing more permanent.  So off I toddled to the building materials and spied two nice looking slabs at £4.32 each.  I then went to pay - as usual they were encouraging us to use the self service but the slabs had no bar code so the junior work experience  guy (sorry - but he seemed sooooo young) tried to find the correct slab in his catalogue.  He found one but that came up as £5.35.  I kept saying that I thought is was £4.32 but it could be £4 something.  However the computer said no - instead he put it through as a pink slab (mine was dark grey) and charged me £2.24 each???  I tried but still got a bargain!

Next stop was Iceland for one of today's Random Acts of Kindness (there are 3!!).  I had been asked if I was going to Iceland and could  pick her up some slimming world meals and take them to class tonight.  Normally ready meals aren't that appetising but I can certainly vouch for the ones that I have tried in this range.  By the way - talking about slimming world - I weighed myself this morning.  the darn scales had gone up by one pound since yesterday morning but I can still declare a 6 pounds loss - goes to show what you can do if you actually try!!!!  So - one month into the year's challenge I have lost 9.5lbs and am nearly 10% of the way through.

The final call was to Tesco's for the weekly shop before coming home, unpacking and taking a much needed breather.  I came across this new range of hula hoops which are puffed and lower in calories - mmmmm very nice and my second Random Act of Kindness.  We were talking about these at last week's meeting and Sally happened to say how much she likes the taste of salt - so I am taking her a packet tonight.

After lunch it was onto making two beetroot and chocolate cakes for my third RAK.  The beetroots were from last week and needed using up and my brother, Phillip, loves his beetroot and chocolate cake so, in his 50th birthday honour, I though I would make two.  Sadly he lives too far away for me to give him one so instead I am giving them to the SW leader whose husband is a fireman - I am sure that the firemen of Louth will appreciate them - they certainly like their cakes from what she tells me.

Then it was out into the seating area to try and tame the weeds before going off to class - hopefully their scales will say the same as mine! I don't if you can make it out but a very brave little bird joined me - I say brave because Millie and Katie were there as well!  In terms of the clearing lets just say that a run to the tip is in order tomorrow and the green bin is full again - it was emptied at 6:30 this morning and they come every two weeks!!  I am getting a reddish glow with all his outdoor work - phew - time for a lie down now!!

NB - seven of the challenges this year focus on charity makes.  I came across this today and am thinking of trying to put together some complete packs.  Whilst we are not all sewers, perhaps some readers would like to offer some of the components?

Tooth watch - what tooth?

Stepping stone watch - I have uncovered three so far - all north of ME's stake.  They look to have sunk down about 4 inches so I guess that I need to lift them and add some sand underneath to raise them.  The lawn is quite bouncy and I have had trouble with moles this year.


  1. Loving the peaceful morning scene :) Isn't it lovely to just sit and appreciate some moments in almost want time to stand still don't you.
    Well done on the RAK :)
    An online friend of mine has been making items for that charity for some time and I have been collecting the soap bars for her. However, I can just as easily give them to you if you want.
    Great news on the tooth!

  2. I should be okay for soap bars I think - from my stash. I guess that Primark is the place to go for underwear?

  3. Really impressed with the sensible approach you are adopting, obviously we want a picture of the finished seating area when it is finished! The Robin probably came out to what was going on, it has had that area for so long just to himself, he was probably annoyed that you had invaded his space. Pleased to see you are keeping up with your RAK's. I did one on Wednesday, bought a friend of mine a jar of Ovaltine,(she tends to have some when she comes to me, and is always saying 'I must get some when I go shopping') so I thought I would treat her. You should have seen her face when I said she was my RAK project for the day!!! I have to say your conservatory looked lovely in the morning light. Well done. Xxx

  4. I think that you're right about Mr Robin - I even unearthed a hammer under some of the foliage !!!!! As for being sensible - I really must be coming down with something - it's just not me!!