Friday, 5 June 2015

What a difference a day makes!

I woke up this morning and stepped on the scales - 1lb less than yesterday - how did that happen?  Grrrrrr  On a lighter front I then sneaked a quick look at Facebook and came across this comment by one of my students - bless!  All I did was ask her how her Maths exam had gone yesterday.

The weather has also changed dramatically since yesterday - beautiful, hot sunshine has made way this morning for torrential rain.  It's still warm so maybe this will clear the air a little but its not conducive to weeding.  However it means that I can work in the conservatory without being frazzled.

Today has seen a venture into Louth to buy my favourite sausages from the market and the Annie Sloan chalk paint - with a slight detour to the hospital for a blood test (I have to have one a month) and to a local post office to pick up some mince (only in the country folks!).  I guess that you could really call today a task day since I then tidied the house ready for the weekend.

However I will admit to slobbing on the couch this afternoon and doing some hand sewing before taking the dogs up to the beach(fortunately the sun had returned by now as you can see from the photo).  Luckily an old friend rang for a catch up so I didn't fall asleep - but I came close!

All that's left to do now is to make a start on cleaning the conservatory (I just keep putting that off) and then to make a list for tomorrow.  Its the Spalding Quilt Show - lots of things that will just have to come home with me!!

Footnote:-  Thought that I would make a start to the cleaning (after shaming myself by writing about NOT cleaning).  These cotton buds represent the first 10 rungs of the air conditioning / heating unit (we are just about half way).  Anyone think that I should have cleaned this sooner? (Hangs head in shame!)


  1. Sounds like another busy day! Book club tonight? The dogs were obviously enjoying their walk!! X

    1. No - the book club is once a month. Just a quite night in to recover form all the activity. Now how did I have time to work?

    2. Well you couldn't work and clean!! Well done keep going - a soft brush might help with air con. Xx

    3. Oh my those buds ARE black!! I have to confess...I don't even know if I have such a if I do it will be just as black! We do have central heating...via a combi boiler...but no air con, so I am hoping I don't actually have a unit gathering dirt somewhere. What I did discover the other day is patches of carpet missing in the front room!!! I hoover EVERY DAY....sometimes more than that...however I am a very good "lick and promise" the hard to get at areas and under sofas don't get done on a regular basis....looks like in my absence some little critters have moved in!!! Needless to say the hose was out today!
      Lovely comments from the student....nice to be appreciated aye. What a relief the scales went the right way today!

    4. oops - better get rid of those critters before they do anymore damage lol x