Sunday, 14 June 2015

It's been a strange day

Once again - Katie woke me up early to go out - I shouldn't mind - she is 14 this year (98 in human years) but I really wish she could learn to tell the time!  yet again I went back again only to be rudely awakened at 7am by the radio alarm clock.  On a Sunday there is always a sewing show on create and craft at 8am - a guilty pleasure if you can resist buying anything that they have to sew.  Today the teacher was a favourite of mine - Mandy Shaw - she does a lot of lovely redwork and I have bought some of her kits before.  So by 8am I am settled onto the sofa with my cup of coffee and some hand sewing.  I also had the hot water bottle in place - my back was a little worse today.

Then it was time to go off to church at 11am.  Today was a family service and meeting up with the usual culprits really lifts your spirits. Whether they are in their 90's or in their teens, friends or visitors, you are always received with a smile and a welcoming word. The church is also a cold building - although we are currently trying to raise money for a new heating system.  Needless to say the cold did not help my back.

The last tile - before
Consequently by the time I had come home and had a short nap I really did not feel as if I wanted to do anything and set about persuading myself to just sit on the sofa and sew.  Did it really matter if I went a day without cleaning / decorating etc?

The last tile - after

However I set to and, by the time the Archers Omnibus had finished, I managed to wax a second coat on the dresser and to finish scrubbing the floor - yes I did say FINISH scrubbing the conservatory floor!!  Weyhey - I have finished 24 square metres!!  oh - now its time to move onto the kitchen - hey ho!  Millie, of course, supervised every move!

So - tomorrow will hopefully see the last push - cleaning the windows and sills & tidying up.  ME said in one of her comments that she can't wait to see the room finished.  I've been playing around and I have taught myself to load a video - I am hoping to offer you tomorrow a 360 degree view of the room tomorrow - all being well of course.  This evening it is back to the hand sewing - again with any luck I might be able to finish the cushion so that it can feature in the movie tomorrow!

Finally I must just tell you about the current bookclub book - The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult - which I finished last night.  Jodi Picoult is renowned for posing moral questions throughout her fiction and, as a reader, you are always asked - what would you do.  In the book the central character of Sage has turned her back both on her Jewish roots and on the rest of the world after a car accident left her mother dead and her face disfigured.  Consequently she got herself a job as a baker so that she could work through the night on her own.  Gradually an old man befriends her and starts to draw herself out of this depressed state - but then he makes a confession.  It's a challenging read but extremely educational.


  1. Oh how can you leave us on a cliff hanger like that!!
    The tiles are looking great, you seriously ought to invest in a steam mop though, then you can keep them looking as good as they are now with minimal effort.
    I have never watched the craft channel, sounds like I need to get myself organised earlier on a Sunday so I can! Cant wait to see The Movie!

    1. It's a de de de eastenders moment! I did try a steam cleaner but it couldn't cope with the pitted tiles. It might fare better now that they have all been hand scrubbed I suppose.

  2. Oh, that's a shame then, they look so good on the ads...obviously smoother surfaces then!

  3. I can't wait for the movie either!! Very exciting. I wish I could get the craft channel, but I don't think I can. I agree with happymum you should try and see if you can get a steam mop that will deal your type of tiles. It would certainly make life a lot easier for you. Well done on today's efforts, hopefully tomorrow will move things along a lot.xxxx