Friday, 26 June 2015

I am a mole and I live in a hole

Today has felt as if I ought to be doing something but have forgotten what it was.  I woke up at 8am having had a terrible nights sleep - it was so hot here that for long periods of time I was wide awake - even reading at one point to induce sleep.  Perhaps that was the reason why it took me so long to get going and why, in reality, I have achieved little today.

As the church treasurer I was paying a few cheques when I noticed that one of them was due by the end of June - and the postal address just happened to be near to the strawberry farm.  Cue hand delivery with a quick and totally justified stop off for another couple of punnets - that's six so far in just over a week!! None of them have been thrown away however - and they're good for you!!

Taken from the base of an old look out station
The sea goes out quite a long way!!
Playing hide and seek!
Then I decided to set off for a long walk.  What with the suspected sciatica and toothache I've neglected these long walks and am behind schedule - by now the ticker should be reading 26 km!!  The weather forecast suggested that it would be cooler in the morning and rise in the afternoon.  However as soon as I started the car engine, the sunshine came out and it was a pleasant, hot and tiring walk - as you can tell from my not so glamorous selfie!

This can't be good for you!!

After a simple lunch of steamed salmon followed by strawberries and yoghurt it was time to make the RAK for tomorrow - clearly more details tomorrow.  I am not sure about the RAK today but I am picking up a couple of people for our monthly book club meetings and taking them home - since its not my turn I guess that it should count as a RAK but I am hoping that there will be another opportunity before the evening is out.

Next on the agenda was a quick visit to the Nurse practitioner at the doctors.  My cocktail of drugs are on repeat prescription and is due for renewal in august but I will run out of one of them before then so I just need the repeat prescription sorted.  Since the headaches appear to have gone I am hoping that I can soon stop taking the cocktail.  In fact the Nurse Practitioner was so impressed about the lack of headaches so soon after retiring that I may just have talked her into retiring as well - she says she's thinking of it.  (RAK???)

After continuing my crafting the final event is the aforementioned meeting of the book club.  We meet and enjoy a meal whilst discussing this months book - the harrowing "The Storyteller" by Jodie Picoult.

By the way I came across this the other day  - thinks it sums my life up!!

and the title of today's blog - no connection whatsoever - I just liked the song!!


  1. Man, if it was as hot with you as it was with us, I don't envy you that long walk!!Really good news the head aches have well as the sciatica and shh, dare we say, toothache!
    Great t-shirt!

  2. The tooth is a little numb - it's still there but I am not being ultra careful about not eating with it so the salt water must be working

  3. Brill! Amazing something so simple as salt and water can solve what was a painful problem!