Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happy Fathers Day

There are many reasons to be grateful for my life but top of them must be my parents and my upbringing. To be brought up in a large and loving family where you always felt secure and able to fly - knowing that you were fully supported - is something that every child should have - but sadly do not.  Today is the day that we formally recognise the role that our fathers have played in our lives - and mine is a large one.  He's the go to person to sort things out and has been a massive support throughout the years.  So - thank you Dad - you're the tops and I love you to death xx

Today has also been the kind of day that makes me thankful that I live where I do.  I have spent the day sewing in a village hall in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.  The hall may be falling down but the company and friendship were fantastic.  We don't always get as much sewing completed as we may wish to - but there are plenty of laughs throughout the day.  We also manage to turn lunch into a full blown affair - today it was steak pie, peas and gravy followed by plum crumble and cream.  (For the record I didn't have the crumble - just a humble yoghurt!)

As you can see from the pictures everyone achieved something - my table runner is just some hand sewing away from being finished - and even the drive home was picturesque.  Living in the city or towns has advantages, such as access to theatres and shops, but its the countryside that I like to come home to.

So - it was home to a leisurely read of the newspaper, tea and finishing the table runner.  If I was to measure my blood pressure right now I suspect that it would reveal a relaxed and thankful person.  I hope that you all feel the same.


  1. How spooky - I could say almost the same thing about my dad!

  2. How blessed you both are to have had such a father :) Its an experience I never knew as a child...but as an adult have shared the same blessings as much to be thankful for :)
    I envy you the country life. Well done for avoiding the crumble!

  3. Glad you had a good day, the table runners coming on nicely. After being in London last week I'm with you about where we live, it's good to visit the city but even better to come home!

  4. Pleased you seem to have cracked' the problems with the table runner, looking very good. My present husband!! Was very touched by your comments and indeed by the other comments as well. We both feel immensely proud of our family, and also feel very blessed. Thank you. Xxx

  5. Always makes me laugh when I see "my present husband" :) x

  6. Happy mum - a great dad is always a great dad - no matter when they come into your life. Me - your present husband should be proud of the family that you have both raised - it's not always been easy, I know, but they all turned into responsible and caring human beings - down to the examples that you have both set x

  7. FoxesNeverQuit23 June 2015 at 01:01

    They say that as you get older you appreciate the finer things in life ... like the role our fathers played in shaping us as individuals. Every time I fall asleep on the sofa with my collar turned up after a hard days work OR eat lumps of cheese straight from the fridge OR have sliced crinkle cut beetroot OR simply hear the word Ginger OR cry in front of hundreds of people OR of course every morning when I see my dad in the mirror ... it reminds me of my old man ... my lovely cuddly old man ... and yes ... I am crying when I write this. Soppy thing this parental love thing.

    1. Bootiful - as someone once said to me - never apologise for crying, it shows that you care x

  8. You weren't the only one crying!! Xxx