Friday, 30 September 2016

Day 5 - it's all starting to come together now

Last day for the gardeners and they told me, at coffee time, that they are 3/4 way through - erm?  how does that work?  Again they have come as a pair but, by lunchtime, the large patio is done, an area gravelled and just a couple of paths and a small patio to be completed - I have hope and it does look a lot LOT better!  Not only that but the "Shecave" has arrived - all flat ready for construction - but it's here!  Mind you my nice cream carpet has muddy dog prints all over it - drying (hopefully) ready to be hoovered later.  The perils of earth mounds in the garden!  It will be nice to get back to some form of normal tomorrow.  I will also post a piccie tomorrow - its getting late here and they haven't finished yet!

Sewing wise I have been concentrating on designing and sewing a cover for the ScanNCut machine.  Amongst my stash I managed to find fabric and matching bias binding so the cover is free (always good to say that I am using my stash up!) and, apart from a small fault which I won't point out to you, I am rather pleased with it.  The cover certainly does its job of protecting from dust.

I also continued with my quest to sew the curved pieces for Tuesday night and have now completed 63 out of the 168 (34%) - only another 21 to go to get to the halfway point then!

The other present today were the pair of tables for the summer house - oh the vision of sitting in the rocking chair, doing some hand sewing with my coffee beside me and two contented dogs curled up on the carpet together.  Well - a girl can dream can't she?

On a totally different note, my cousin was complaining in her blog last night that she has lost her crafting mojo.  I know that she is a knitter and does crochet and, coincidentally, a local yarn shop here was doing a mystery block of the month club.  Thus an idea was formed and, starting after Christmas, we are going to swap a block a month.  The structure is fairly sketchy at the moment but we both have a stash of wool to use up so the concept of receiving a mystery block to knit and using up the stash has to be a "win win".  If you would like to join us in this venture and could source a pattern for a 10 inch square, using DK yarn, which could be emailed / link sent electronically then we would love you to join us - if we could get a total of 12 then we would all have to only find one square each!  How about another a  new challenge for 2017?


  1. Aghhhh!
    No more challenges- please,
    I haven't fulfilled ones I have already.
    But good luck with it, sounds different.

  2. What have I let myself in for!!

    1. have you got any friends your end that could pitch in?