Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Day 5 - and the excitement of eBay

After the last few days of door watch a lie in was in order - in fact I didn't wake up until after eight and then, ironically, it was to the noise of the builder fitting the flaming door!!   However it is looking good and, hopefully, was worth the bother.

Talking of bother with deliveries - do you remember the duvet set that I ordered on Saturday?  Not only did they not apply the 20% discount promised on the website( they have now after an email) but I paid for express delivery to make sure that it was here by today.  Huh - here we are again - no delivery!  I have emailed the company and they have said that if its not delivered today then they will refund the postage costs and it will arrive tomorrow.  I will be getting it free at this rate!

So - onto today - we had decided to get the house ready for Christmas.  I was set to hoovering, delivering Christmas cards to neighbours, wrapping presents etc.  Gee I've gone from Miss Haversham to Cinderella - all within 24 hours!  I managed to escape, however, and set to being creative.  I can't explain with what but all will become clear after Christmas - wink wink!

You may remember that we were selling the petrol pump on eBay yesterday and accepted a bid which was very close to our asking price.  I have to say that some buyers surprised me with their lack of communication - one even asked me to say no to the winning bid ( after I had said yes) and they would give me the asking price.  Sorry I don't play games like that!  The buyers came around 3:15 and were pleased that Dad had also managed to find the original nozzle and fuel pipe to give them.  Fortunately the builder was still there to help Dad and the buyer dismantle and then load the petrol pump into the van.

You may also recall that yesterday I started on a Gail Pan quilt - undertaking part of block one with some needle turn appliqué.  I think that this is " so far so good".  I need to work on my curves a little more and the definition of shapes but I am getting there.

Finally I came across this in Facebook.  As a mathematics teacher in my former life I really love this!


  1. Door looks nice.
    And good news on the pump, I hope you got commission on the sale!?
    Love the Gail pan
    And good to hear you are pulling your weight in Devon, and helping your poor mum!

  2. Another productive day? Cinderella - not sure about that!!!

  3. You get the best and worst of people on ebay huh!
    Intrigued by the little knitted "Weeble"
    Loving those birdies!