Friday, 18 December 2015

Day one of the Christmas break

You can tell that I am beginning to relax - I didn't appear until well after nine o'clock - oops!

Today has been a day of waiting - something that I don't do very well. Dad had ordered a door to be delivered yesterday and it didn't come.  When we phoned to ask why we were told that the river tried to deliver at 4:15 but no one was home - yeah right.  There were four people in the house - one working near the front door and two near the back door.  Lights were on and curtains opened so we would have been easy to spot - and the door bell was working ( we checked). Now I wouldn't like to say anyone was lying but ......😉. Consequently the door is being delivered today and someone has to be in to take delivery.  Meanwhile mum and dad have to pop out this afternoon to pick up thei car after a farmer drove into it!  Guess that means I'm door sitting then!

Outside of the house is an old petrol pump so I've been taking photos and listing them on a selling Facebook page to see if anyone wants to buy it and take it away.  Researching old petrol pumps on eBay they seem to go for anything up to £2500 but I'm guessing that that's for a rare model.  I don't hold out any hope for that kind of money!

I've also been working on my first project - turning this lovely set of Janet Clare fat quarters into a lone star EPP table cloth for the table in the kitchen.  I'm not entirely sure how it will turn out but I am planning to back it with some sheeting and then sew through the layers at strategic points to keep them both together.  I am thinking that this will be an ongoing project throughout the holiday but it's useful to have an EPP project on the go when you don't have access to the sewing machine etc.

Just after mum and dad left there was a commotion outside- it was verge cutting day and my car was in the way.  It's a good job that I didn't go with them - they may have driven around me but there was all sorts of debris flying around!

Next up was a project that I have mentioned before and wanted to try - a small dispenser for doggie poop bags.  Hardly glamorous I know but essential equipment for a dog owner.  The first trial worked out well - although it does need a ribbon and clip to fasten on to something ( I didn't have any with me).  I did, however, have two lonely "Percy Pig" sweets left over from my journey to enjoy - well you need to avoid those sugar lows now don't you?

As for the door?  Well it's approaching late afternoon and it still hasn't arrived - now what will today's excuse be?


  1. Why no sewing machine? Doesn't mum have one?

  2. I've got my own machine with me - it's just that you can't be glued to a machine now can you? Sometimes it's more sociable to have some hand sewing on the go.

  3. Glad to hear Millie had a lie in :)
    Looks like a good day despite the hold ups!