Wednesday, 9 December 2015

There's "not sleeping" and "NOT SLEEPING"

Seriously - I think that I only managed around an hour last night - and that was snatched 15 minutes here, 10 minutes there.  In the end I got up, made some Horlicks - but that didn't work - and then a cuppa and just hand sewed on the sofa watching a cringy Christmas film.  In terms of what I was sewing - well it was another hexi snowflake and two TAST stitches - a knotted Cretan stitch (the fern like stitches near the gold thread) and a buttonhole wheel stitch (three multi-coloured circles towards the top of the picture).  The latter I really liked and could cover the whole work with that!  I have now caught up with the TAST stitches - we have one more to go before a Christmas break.

I haven't mentioned my post it notes for a while - but they are still there gazing down on me.  As you can see the majority have been moved to the bottom - ie completed.  So what have I not managed to do you ask?  Well - it's painting the stairs (next year now), making a table runner for the cupboard in the hall (a project to be completed over Christmas) and a duck egg blue cushion for the lounge (2016 now).  All in all I am quite proud of how much I have achieved - what was I panicking about?

Talking about Christmas Projects, today I  made a list of things that I want to complete over the two week period.  It's a want rather than a need but I will publish a list nearer the time - just to keep me focussed you understand!  For every project I then have to make up a bag / cut fabric to size etc so that I have everything I need to hand if I am not at home - so the one list generates a lot of work!


So today was a quiet one.  For the first time, in a long time, I did not have to go out at all (apart from walking Millie and popping into the soup club to pick up the first "Tanya Bag - thanks Shell for trialling the pattern for me) so I lit the fire early and hunkered down - wrapping presents, getting my fabric and patterns together for Saturday's patchwork class etc.  If I fell asleep at all - well did it really affect anyone?

I also took the opportunity to sort some of the fabric that I bought on Saturday.  This one basket of blue fabric is for a Christmas present in 2016 - and so it starts again!

By the way last night's Jane Eyre - now you must understand that I am not a Theatre Critic and I was possibly not in the best frame of mind last night - but I hated it and left at the interval.  It was far too long, had a live band on stage singing silly songs and just felt far too modern for my liking.  More crucially I always think that the best Jane Eyre's are where there is a strong connection between Jane and Mr Rochester.  In this production we were told that the actors were playing multiple roles.  Thus we saw the actor playing Jane's cousin and a school girl before Mr Rochester - it just didn't work for me - oh and it was nearly 3 1/2 hours long!  If my seat had been near the door then I would have gone out much earlier.  Mind you I made good use of my time.  I stopped off at Tesco and bought a "food bank advent basket" - I bought £24 worth of goodies to take to the food bank later - everyone should have treats at Christmas after all.

Finally this pooped upon my facebook page today - thought that it hits my current spot quite nicely!  Thank you to everyone who has stopped and shared a kind word.


  1. Ahh, lovely sentiments. Shame about the long night...and yawn..that production sounded pretty boring! Never heard of an advent basket...what a good idea! As for the sewing have a serious addiction!

    1. How very dare you? Or am I in denial?

  2. Love the dog statement - very true!

  3. Like how your TAST sampler is shaping up Lynda! Love the buttonhole wheels... they are fun to stitch aren't they? Christine x