Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A day of two halves

Last night did not go well - another sleepless night until around 4am - possibly because of what was about to happen this afternoon - but more of that later.

Today, being Tuesday, was the senior screen.  We had been waiting for "Suffragette" to be on the Senior Screen programme and today was the day.  I took Sue - a friend from Church and the WI - whilst Jean was going to bring her two granddaughters.  They asked what a suffragette was - I guess that they really need to watch the film and appreciate what these ladies did for us.  Sadly, at the last minute they couldn't come.

The film was interesting - all the more so because it took a story that I am familiar with and then looked at it from the view of an ordinary married lady.  Unfortunately the combination of warm cinema, mainly dark lighting on the screen and a sleepless night - well, let's just say, Jean had to dig me in the ribs!

This afternoon I had to pop into Louth to buy some beads to make some more poinsettias and to pick up some lining paper for the decorator.  I had received a call from the Vets yesterday (hence, I think, my lack of sleep) to say that Katie's ashes were ready for collection -so I picked them up as well (and paid the bill!).  You may recall that my initial thoughts were to take Millie on a walk and scatter Katie's ashes but I changed my mind and scattered them in the corner of the garden.  When Katie was younger she would disappear into the bushes in the corner - initially to escape into the field (as I said last week) but then just to lie down in the shade and watch the world go by.  One particular memory that I have of her was when I became aware that there were birds circling in the sky - something was clearly wrong.  I shouted at Katie - who opened her mouth and a small bird hopped out totally unharmed.  She hadn't got a clue what to do with the bird - and I guess that its part of her breeding!  I have to say, however, that Millie did not want to come anywhere near me whilst I scattered the ashes - I know that we shouldn't put human behaviours onto animals but I would swear that she knows.

Talking of which I came across this today - an imagined dialogue between dog and owner.  This is Millie to a T!


  1. That's nice to put katie in the garden , you can maybe plant something there when the weather gets better.
    Yes I am sure Millie knew what was happening?

    Hopefully sleep well tonight.

    And did you see enough of the film to recommend it?

  2. Dogs are very perceptive - I remember Toby crying every night when Ellis died. xxxx

  3. Great love brings great sadness, but sadness passes and happy memories are left.
    Our pets always end up in the garden...sort of seems to be the right place for them. ((hugs))