Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Day 6 - and we have an invalid in the house.

 The day started as normal but I was aware that someone had needed to visit the bathroom several times in the night.  It turns out that Mum has fallen foul of what I suspect to be a gastroenteritis bug.  Stubborn as she is, Mum refused to go to the doctor - preferring to sleep it off.  We shall keep a watching eye on the situation and override her if necessary.  Meanwhile Dad has lit the fire early so that the lounge is nice and warm when she feels able to get up and come down. I, of course, nipped out to sainsbugs and bought some lucozade and replacement salts.  Don't know whether we will use them but it helps to do something practical!

We had planned to go out but clearly that was off the cards.  Instead I used my time to tidy around and then finish the needle turn block.   The actual month one block is larger but it involves cutting pieces of fabric and the sewing machine - I had only brought down the materials to complete the needle turn so must leave it for now.

The next piece of excitement was a large parcel arriving for Mum and Dad - I strongly suspect that it's presents from one of my brothers.  All of the males in the family support Leicester City - but he's the worst.  Given their extraordinary rise to fame ( they are top of the premier league at the moment, having been bottom this time last year in case you've escaped the hype) I strongly suspect that the present will have a Leicester City link!!

I let Millie out into the garden today - not realising that Dad had left the gate wide open.  Cue a look around the village before spotting a brown lab streaking up and down the street going to say hello to whoever she could find - including a cage of birds I might add.  Eventually she came back without too much of a fuss but before I could congratulate her too much( ahem) there was a knock at the door - she had gone through a neighbours garden and the neighbour had come around to complain and tell us that she was frightened of dogs.  Dad had to apologise and explain that it was truthfully his fault for leaving the gate open.  Do you ever get the feeling that it's going to be one of those days?  Meanwhile Millie is totally oblivious to the chaos that she has caused!

Next update is re the duvet set.  Ponder Mills have been fantastic in their communications - the issue is with Yodel who have been overwhelmed with the deliveries - hence the delay.  Ponden Mills have now refunded the postage and are trying to contact Yodel to arrange a delivery time ( I had said that we were out all day today!)

Craftwise - on the agenda today is blanket stitching one of The Quilter Lives here blocks.  I will finish it,I will finish it , I will ..........


  1. Photos in triplicate today!
    Loving the quilter lives here panel and oh those birdies...too cute
    Oh dear to poor mum....hoping it passes very soon and no one else gets it.

  2. Yes I should think so to, you will finish it!
    Hope your mum gets better soon, otherwise cinders will have a lot more to do, with all the guests arriving soon?
    Yes I noticed pictures in triplicate today, is it a hitch or have you been drinking?