Monday, 14 December 2015

End of term Christmas Party

Well - Millie behaved herself last night and didn't bark.  Mind you I had to be up at 7am to get ready for the decorator to call so her efforts were wasted.  I think that I have confused the decorator by asking for hooks to be put up so that I can hang some quilts - I am not sure that he has come across this before!

An early start meant that the house was tidied and cleaned by mid morning so that left time for some crafting!  Linda is one of our churchwardens and is always busy and ever so slightly stressed.  She is also feeling very under the weather so I offered to try and rescue her table centre piece - cue some sewing this morning.  It was also time to wrap the "neighbour's" cakes up.  Next up was some Christmas card deliveries and posting the last of the snowflake swaps - I really love time at home like this to get on top of stuff - I can even see a little - just a little mind you - of my desk now!

This afternoon was the last of our Craft Group meetings for 2015 and we decided to call it our Christmas party and have some form of faith lunch.  Truthfully we had not intended to meet today but they asked for an extra session to finish off.  Cue lots of food and merriment - not to mention a great deal of pride in what they have achieved this term.  The photo below just shows a selection - since some people forgot to bring their goodies - but it has been  a joy to watch them flourish - even listening to the crafting conversations around the table lifts your spirits.  For example Carine went with me to the WI Wreath making session last Thursday evening and came away wanting a hit glue gun.  She arrived today wondering how she had ever managed without one.  Her husband had scoffed at the idea and made fun of her gun - but she forged ahead gluing her wreath together and making Christmas hats for her two children.  Then, on Sunday, her husband was putting the lights up outside and found a bare bulb - the casing was there but had fallen off.  "Carine - where's your glue gun?" he called - we rest our case!

After the craft group it was up to the beach with Millie before settling in for the evening.  With all, the craft deadlines completed I just want to rustle up a birthday present for a certain cousin and then I can start on the Christmas holiday projects.

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  1. What a fun day! And a present for a certain cousin...just racking my brains to think who that could be :)