Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Making the most of every situation

Although I went to bed early last night Millie decided EVERY TWO HOURS to wake me up - barking (but not wanting to go out) crying and moaning etc.  Clearly she is unsettled but I don't want to create habits that can't be continued - so I held out until 5am and then got up.  Vanessa Feltz was on Radio 2 asking for people to email / text in and ask to be part of the CCC - Cream Crackered Collective - if you had been kept up due to babies / pets etc let her know.  Well - one of my challenges was to get a radio dedication so I chanced my arm - AND THEY READ IT OUT!!!  You can hear it here - around 39 minutes in.

Today was the sewing group's annual Christmas party (12:30pm - 3:30pm) and I had to take a present, a plate of food and some tombola gifts. Having misread the time, Wendy and I were early so helped with the setting up and bagged our seats . I particularly liked some of the simple table decorations - some were just twigs, sprayed and then simple ornaments on.

The mystery presents were placed on a table and then, one by one, our numbers were drawn out of a hat and we were allowed to choose a present - but not to unwrap it.  We then repeated this process twice - each time being allowed to swap our present with someone else - they had no choice in the matter.  It really was a case of judging a book by its cover!  I was just as bad and had my eye on a white gift bag - which was a popular present and was swapped many times.  Luckily for me I was the second to last to be called out on the last round - so kept the gift.  It was a lovely wreath, a Lynette Anderson tin and two packs of lovely buttons.

So - a lovely afternoon with good company - Julie was also there from my Wednesday college course - and nice food.  Sets you up nicely for Christmas - although the "show and tell" left me feeling rather inferior!  I did like this candle mat though - quite achievable me thinks!

Tomorrow I am due to visit family and the decorator moves in to paint my bedroom nd bathroom.  Consequently this evening's diet of activities will be cleaning and packing based - trying desperately not to forget something vital - but realsing that you probably will!  How on earth I am going to get everything in the car I just don't know!!


  1. Just listened to your radio bit. Thanks for your company this afternoon, safe journey tomorrow xx

  2. Just listened to your radio bit. Thanks for your company this afternoon, safe journey tomorrow xx

  3. Ooo, get you...on the radio! Fame at last...and another challenge ticked off!