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Monday, 21 December 2015

Day 4 - and door watch continues

Before I start today's blog I should explain a little about my parents house.  It was a 16th century coaching inn and is situated in a quiet sleepy village in mid Devon.  Throughout it's life the house has undergone many guises - not least it's use as a pub for one part of the house.  The pub side, as we like to call it, has a lovely long lounge  with a welcoming fire - the lounge we use as a family.  On the other side is a smaller cosy lounge which, at the moment, is being decorated.  There are three front doors - one near the large lounge, one near the small lounge and one to the area that used to be a shop.  ( Don't fret if this all sounds far too complicated - the house is up for sale on RightMove - Manna House, Ashreigney, Devon - so you can get your bearings. It has nine bedrooms and is a steal for anyone interested - okay sales pitch over!).  The long and tall of it is that the door was trying to be delivered to the small lounge area rather than the large lounge - and we couldn't hear the knocking !

So this morning battle lines were drawn.  We were up early ( well 8 ish) and I planned my seating arrangements in the small lounge.  The stable front door was half open ( with a gale blowing through I might add), a small radiator was brought in and I sat with a hot water bottle.  At no time was this station to be left unmanned.  With drapes over the sofa and the paper half peeled from the walls I did feel a little like Miss Haversham but never mind - we were going to get our door!  Mum supplied me with coffee and breakfast, coffee and stollen, coffee and lunch - occasionally relieving me for comfort breaks etc.  Did it work?  Just as we were about to bite into our ham and Brie roll he turned up!  I have never been so pleased to see a white van man!  Within 5 minutes the door was delivered and he was off - job done.  For my part I had used the time to continue with my lone star epp tablecloth so all was not wasted.

(Sorry the photo is so dark but yes - this was what it was all about!

The other bit of excitement today was our eBay activity.  Ever since the house was built there has been a petrol pump outside the house - gently rotting away.  Last night I had permission to list it on eBay and the pump has received several bids and over 80 views.  I am hoping that the winning bidder comes today to take it away!  Having got the selling bug, mum used her time in the small lounge to empty a glass cabinet and found some vegetable tureens so - both of which I have listed.  Let's see how they go!

Finally you may recall that last night I was working on completing a Lynette Anderson cushion that had been started in the summer.  I am pleased to inform you that there now is a finished cushion.  Lynette's dogs are usually brown / black but I have made mine golden in memory of Katie.  If I do say so myself I am really quite pleased with how it turned out.

Tonight the plan is to make a start on my Gial Pan block of the month.  I have had this for nearly two years and want to start - if only to remind myself how to do needle turn appliqué ready for the new Anni Downs quilt in 2016.  Mind you I have instructions to tidy up before I start another project.  If I can make this much mess in 4 days then just imagine what the craft room looks like!


  1. I haven't laughed so much in ages! What a scream the door gate has been! Glad it finally came though. the thrill of an auction!
    Well done on the quilting...and...mess...what mess??

  2. Epp looks good, and love the pillow,
    Bet your glad the door saga is over?
    Can't wait to see the block of the month.
    And the end price of the petrol pump - how exciting!