Saturday, 26 December 2015

Day 9 - and its father and daughter in charge!

Let's start first with last nights creation - the mouse now has arms, legs and the start of a body.  I must say that felt is easy to work with and, so far, the pattern is easy to follow.  The kit is from and is very reasonably priced in my opinion - worth a check out!

Mum managed to come downstairs this morning, although still isn't eating properly.  That meant that Dad and I were tasked with going shopping for next week and when the rest of the family come down. We had a list - what could go wrong?  A lot it would seem.  Firstly, of course, it's Boxing Day.  There were not that many people out but, of course, shelves had not been stocked.  Morrisons had no lettuce, for example!  Then you need to factor in THE routine.  Apparently you need to take two trolleys, three boxes to stack the right food in afterwards and then let Dad loose on the fruit and veg.  Let's just say it's an experience!  To be truthful Dad is doing his best to tempt Mum to eat. He really does love her and is keen to be of any help that he can.  He even bought her some daffodils - bless! ( well I paid for them since he doesn't carry cash but you get the point!)

This afternoon there appears to be only one thing to do - sit in front of Final Score engrossed and desperate to hear that Leicester are beating Liverpool.  Me?  Well more mouse sewing of course before starting to cook tea - leftovers!  That reminds me - there were some doubters that we could produce a Christmas dinner.  Well scoff no more!

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  1. Oh I haven't laughed so much in days..."THE routine" line had me in stitches! Everyone wanted to know what I was laughing at...but when I read it back no one else seemed to find it funny! I guess you have to have walked that walk before to appreciate it!
    Cute mousey....may have to take a peek at the for the dinner...looks yum...but where's the Yorkshires??