Sunday, 27 December 2015

Day 10 and the invalid is regaining her appetite slowly

The day stated early - I do have to watch my sewing show on Create and Craft you know!  Fortunately Sewingbuddy and I agreed that there was nothing to be tempted by so we didn't need to break our fabric fast.  Then it was time to start on the housework.  I just knew that as Mum got better then she would start to fret about the house being guest ready.  Just as well that I did - she came down around 10 ish after I had finished the lounge and kitchen - phew!

Mum had been dreaming of eating some porridge - which is a good sign.  She only managed a couple of dessert spoons but, at lunch time, followed that up with a little plain fish so that's a good sign.  Mind you I think that I managed to cremate the fish - quite an achievement when you consider that the fish was being steamed in the microwave!  However it was good to see Mum regaining her strength - we even managed to go through the presents, wrap the last few up and sort everything out.

This afternoon I decamped into the kitchen to sew the mouse.  As you can see he is getting there and should be completed by tonight. ( I had run out of stuffing so needed to pinch some of mum's).  Why the kitchen? Well - as my parents watched Mary Poppins ( that was the first film that I can remember going to the pictures to watch when I was around 4 years old - I remember my brother and I looking in a bed sales room window and picking out a pink and blue blanket each!) - I wanted to watch Downton Abbey from Christmas Day on catch up.  Sadly I already knew the ending from the newspaper but it was good to see such a wonderful series finish so positively.

Tonight - well it's finish Mr Mouse of course, and Dad has "ordered" Shepherds Pie for dinner but then it's back to the EPP tablecloth- again!


  1. Yes eerie lucky this morning with nothing to tempt us, phew!
    Glad your mum is picking up, hopefully strong enough for when the guests descend?
    Am loving that mouse might have to get one when I see yours finished ,
    Would thaat count s fabric I wonder?.?

  2. Such good news!Loving mousey :)