Sunday, 6 December 2015

I am going mad!

I cannot think of a more frustrating day than today - doubly so because of the highs of yesterday I guess.

Today started well enough - I enjoyed the usual Create and Craft programme at 8am, which featured Janet Clare.  Her work is of an oldy worldy nature and is beautiful.  Throughout the programme I tried, through the medium of texting, to keep Sewingbuddy from buying everything - but, by the end, we were talking about booking one of Janet Clare's workshops to learn how to draw with our embroidery feet.

Boosted by such an enjoyable hour I then went tackle a job that I had been putting off.  You may recall that I proudly boasted about the completion of my Christmas projects.  Well, as they say, pride goes before a fall, and, as I was wrapping the gift, I noticed something that I wasn't happy with and so undid it - so far I have tried to improve it 3 times, broken two needles, had to take my machine apart twice to find the two bits of needle and, seriously, was about to throw my machine out of the window in anger!

Instead I popped into Louth to buy a stanley knife to cut the carpet up - the next job, you may recall is to remove the old bedroom carpet and place it outside tomorrow night for the bin men (in lengths of no more than 6 feet).  Thinking that such a job would ruin any Knife that I might buy I went for a cheaper option.  BIG MISTAKE!  I removed the screws to put the blade in, found a blade inside anyway, dropped the screws and could only find one, taped up the knife up with sellotape and struggled.  I guess that the good news is that the carpet is now up - but I ask you!!!!

So I thought, why not sort Wendy's fabric out for her that I bought yesterday and find that pattern she wanted to borrow.  Can I find it?  Can I heck?  In fact the sum total of my achievements today is to cut and roll a carpet up - not much to show for 10 hours of day time now is it?  I haven't even taken a photo yet - what of? A taped up knife or a dirty carpet? 

Beam me up Scottie!


  1. Do forgive me but I am stifling the giggles so as not to wake the snoozers in the room!
    Oh dear..what a day!!

    1. Thanks for the support! Wish me luck - I am going back into the Christmas present!

  2. Oh dear,
    Not a good day then?
    Say no more.