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Friday, 25 December 2015

Day 8 - Merry Christmas Everyone

I guess that every family has its own traditions.  Since there are no small children now, we get up and have a usual breakfast, then it's off to church.  When we get home it's coffee and a "lunch" of mince pies and sausage rolls whilst we open the presents - one at a time in turn.  Those who are active amongst us then go out for a bracing walk whilst the rest of us recover / "play" with our presents until the evening meal - our Christmas dinner.  Finally it's either game playing or Christmas tv with my brother shouting "no talking" periodically throughout Doctor Who.

This year I expected things to be different but Dad went to church whilst I made the fire up so that Mum could come down. Dad and I had the traditional lunch and the three of us exchanged our Christmas presents.  These are just a few from my parents and Wendy& Nigel - many thanks X. I was also lucky enough to be given some felting mats, make up and chocolate from Jean whilst my Tuesday night sewing class friends gave me some decorations, a candle and a jar of beads.  Mmmm- me thinks there's a sewing theme here.  Sewingbuddy - I hope that you noticed the Christmas fabric - Mum thought that if I couldn't buy any then she would wrap my present up in the fabric.

Talking about Mum, I wonder if you recall me struggling with her present?  So much did I struggle that I threatened to throw my expensive machine out of the window.  Anyway it turned out to be this hand embroidered handbag made from hand dyed felt.  She was pleased with the end result so it was worth the pain!

This afternoon I " played" with a present that I have given myself - a reading mouse for the lounge. This, if you recall, was a kit that I bought in Harrogate to make up on Christmas Day.

Talking about presents I can now reveal the gift that I made for Wendy -it was a wall hanging that is oh so true for every sewer out there!

As for the "mystery" presents that have so haunted this blog in recent weeks - well, they're still to be given - Millie is keeping stum!


  1. That was very thoughtful of your mum to use fabric for wrapping paper.
    Mums bag is lovely, worth the effort.
    And Wendy must be over the moon with her present, I do love that mouse, enjoy your evening.x

  2. Good to see mum downstairs.
    Sounds like you managed to make it a fairly good day, given the trying circumstances
    Looks like you have lots to keep you busy :)
    Lovely makes too!