Thursday, 31 December 2015

Day 14 - and it's another trip to the doctors

As usual let me start with last night.  My brother, Phil, was 50 this year and, for a variety of reasons, couldn't celebrate.  Since he is obsessed with Dr Who we had a Dr Who celebration for him ( the cake stand is my "design and create a 50th birthday cake" challenge!  After tea we exchanged our £2 presents that I mentioned yesterday (mine was a lovely felt kit and some ribbon) and we created an Oscarworthy video ( my brother Graham sent us some masks to create and then set us the challenge to create a video - the less you ask the better - it's just a strange family!). Suffice to say the whole experience left everyone in tears of laughter!

So - onto today.  Mum had a follow up appointment at the doctors.  She is feeling better in herself but her leg is still very painful and swollen.  The doctor looked and then thought that it could be a blood clot - cue an afternoon appointment at the hospital for a blood test and scan.  Fortunately it wasn't a clot - just very serious Cellulitus where the antibiotics hadn't touched it - mum now needs far stronger ones - 5 tablets three times a day and three at bedtime!  I must say, however, that Barnstaple hospital need to be congratulated for their speed of service and bedside manners.  Our initial appointment was for 1:40 and we were waiting for the medication at 3pm having had all the test results and seeing the doctor twice.

So I am now back home, getting ready to travel home tomorrow and starting to pack the car.  How on earth am I going to get all of this into the car tomorrow? ( There is also a bag of coal, a dog cage and a Hoover to fit in! )


  1. Looks like you were well prepared with sarnies!
    Good news that it is "only" cellulitis causing the probs.
    Those muffins were amazing!

  2. Hi,
    Glad you have been enjoying your time with the family, which is precious and should be appreciated.
    Sounds like it's been great fun.
    And glad your mum is feeling better, I wish you and your family a happy new year, and enjoy your night.
    Expect it will be sad to leave Devon, but we will be looking forward to having you back in Lincolnshire,
    Will be nice to see the finished bedroom.
    Safe journey home, and see you in the new year. X