Monday, 28 December 2015

Day 11 and Cinders is feeling the pinch!

Let's start with last night - Mr Mouse is now complete - ta da!  As I have said before I love working with felt - it is really forgiving.

Today I enjoyed a lie in but needed to be up and out shopping for those things that we couldn't get the other day.  Dad came in from walking the dog and I made him his cup of tea and his breakfast sandwich.  I also gave him his morning pills - big mistake.  That reminded him that he hadn't filled his pill box for the week so he ignored his breakfast whilst he did that job.  Meanwhile the invalid arrived so I set to filling her hot water bottle, making porridge etc.  Quite frankly it was a miracle that we even got out of the house!

However we did manage it, completed the sainsbury's shop and picked up some bargains.  Apologies if anyone gets this card next year but, at 10p per pack of 8 I just couldn't leave them on the shelf!

In Dunelm I also managed to spot two single pillowcase shams - these will complement my new Duvet set and were £2.50 per pillow case in the sale - only to be reduced further to £1.25 at the checkout!  The actual duvet set complimentary pillowcases were priced at £22 per pair so me thinks that I have made a saving there!  At this point I should admit that Cinders was treated to a coffee and a cake - Dad and I shared these two beauties.

We came home to find an improved invalid who fancied what our family call a "flying saucer" a toasted cheese and bacon sandwich - progress indeed food wise.  The rest of the afternoon was spent sorting the dining room out for our visitors tomorrow, tidying the kitchen, cooking the turkey plus stuffing, making a bread pudding from the lunchtime scraps and helping Dad work his Kindle Fire to take photos and attach them to an email. I'd like to think that I'd rest tonight but I wouldn't place a bet on that one!


  1. Poor old Cinders...never mind....tomorrow around breakfast time you will have some back up...although the peace will of course be shattered!
    Loving the bargains.

  2. What a busy day you had!
    Love the mouse, he looks cheeky, what you calling him?

    Have a good day tomorrow and don't work to hard.