Saturday, 12 December 2015

Finito - completed - well sort of!

Let's start with an apology - this will be a short blog written in the short minutes before getting in from a day of sewing and then going out again.

As you may recall, once a month I go to a Patchwork class at West Ashby and, this year, we have been working on a  14 inch block every month.  As the year has gone on so the blocks have become more personalised to me - kind of a journal quilt.  So this months block was a star in the Christmas sky - but I added some Golden Retriever fabric around the edges - almost as if Katie was looking down on me!

We had not had a class in May because the tutor was unwell and so  we now only had 11 blocks instead of the required 12 - but I managed to complete one for May.  Here the badge in the centre was of my old school with books representing education, science and maths formulae representing my speciality subjects and the catering fabric representing the last subject that I taught.   Since I retired in May it seemed reasonable to do a block about school.

So, that's it - I now have the 12 blocks that I need  - although some could do with a little improvement (if I am honest).  My next step in January is to start the quilting process and work towards finishing the actual quilt in 2016.

My reason for rushing is the volunteering at the local theatre that I do every month.  The two do not often coincide on the same Saturday - but it makes for a busy day when it does!  Have a lovely evening everyone x