Friday, 11 December 2015

'Twas the night before Christmas ...................

Let's start with last night and the wreath making - I was really impressed with what we managed to achieve last night!  I have only pinned my flowers to the wreath - thinking that this might make the wreath interchangeable through the seasons.


The day started early with a 9am visit to the hairdressers.  I decided to stay with the radical red/purple combo - I'm used to it now and the colour is kind of festive!  I do love the hairdressers - its a two hour peace and solitude time - time when I can get stuck in to whichever book I am reading at the time.  Whilst there I was searching the internet for an embroidery idea and saw this.  Who, in their right mind, would embroider a piece of bread - the world has gone mad!!

 But, once looking perfect (ahem) it was off to start the Golden Retriever fabric hunt.  We have two fabric shops in Grimsby and I had already emailed one of them who said that they had nothing s I headed off to the second,  The shop also had the advantage of being near the shop that Jean's daughter worked in and I had promised to pick up a Christmas jumper for Jean (we all have to wear something Christmassy on Monday at the craft group).  The fabric shop only had a panel but I think that I could do something with the border so bought it.  Piccies to follow tomorrow when the block is completed.

Next stop was Market Rasen where an eBay seller will open up his "Shed" of fabric for you by private arrangement.  I met my sister in law there and she was amazed at the treasure trove - there is literally so much there that its easier to tell him what kind of fabric you are looking for - you would never find it yourself.  I wouldn't mind but he has spare stock in other "sheds" !  I knew from Sewingbuddy that he had had Retriever fabric because a friend had bought a fat quarter several weeks ago - however he now only had some scraps - which, of course I bought - you never know!

We then adjourned to a new tea room close by - and had a very pleasant cuppa with a sausage bun - oh the life of a non worker!

On the way home  stopped off at the food bank to deliver my treats - but I had also been given a pile of soaps from a B & B owner.  The soaps were all wrapped individually but she couldn't use them because they had gone past their sell by date (seriously, who knew that soap has a sell by date!!)  They were gratefully received, however.  Apparently they have a lot of homeless vistors who cant carry much.  these individual portions can be given to them and then they can go around the corner to the leisure centre and have a shower - we all know that feeling of being clean and tidy!

By now it was late afternoon and time to sort Millie out before getting ready to head out to a Christmas Concert in Church.  We are a bit worried about ticket sales so I hope that there are payers at the door!  I also succumbed to an idea that had been rattling around in my head for some time - and ordered some labels for Tanya's Bags.

I want to leave you with a poem that popped up on Facebook this morning - to all those quilters out there - if only!

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  1. Those pointsetta's are stunning!
    What a busy and exciting day you have had!