Sunday, 20 December 2015

Day 3 - at least there's no door deliveries on a Sunday!

Well - 36 yoyos later - that's another project started.  The idea is to make a cushion with a 2 inch grid sewn out on fabric and wadding - sew the yoyos on and then make up into a cushion.  I haven't brought the fabric down to finish the cushion, sadly, but the hardest job is completed and ready to take home.  To be truthful I didn't finish until this morning - it was just too long a job for a Saturday evening.

This morning I sat sewing, listening to The Archers Omnibus.  The writers should be congratulated - the way that they are writing for Rob Titchener is classic husband abuser - he has managed to persuade ( oh so subtlety ) his wife that she shouldn't drive whilst pregnant, is eating too much and should cut down ( she's now skipping meals) and, today, should spend Christmas Day at home away from her family - all classic lowering of her self esteem whilst cutting her off from her close family.  It's all the more believable once you realise that his wife was a fiercely independent business woman and that her family adore Rob and the way that he is looking after his wife.  It's so sad that many women ( and men) are subjected to this each day.

On a lighter note I made up the card that my brother , Steve, sent.  He was a Headteacher but now runs his own photography business and his own schools support business.  ( )The card was very cleverly put together!

This afternoon I worked on a Lynette Anderson cushion that I had started before the Christmas present marathon started.  The only reason that this was not completed before was that the upper rut quarter depicted a cat - and I wanted a dog.  Cue my attempt at drawing!  The good news is that I have everything with me to compete this cushion - including the pad - so picture of completed cushion tomorrow!

This afternoon also saw the arrival of something that I had to look up on google to see what it was.  It turns out that it was the sun!  Not only that there was no rain to go with it!  Consequently Maisie (Dad's dog), Millie and I ventured out for a stroll and some fresh air. Country life goes at a slower pace - but sure is mucky with all that mud and rain! Mind you I am not sure this venture would be repeated soon - Maisie doesn't half pull!

The other event was the arrival of Mum's friend, Carol, along with her friend Marion.  They had all gone to church this morning and had come back for lunch.  Carol gave me a lovely present off this pointless book and some buttons - now how could she possibly know that I could find a use for those?


  1. Liking the lynette Anderson cushion.
    And yo yos look interesting.
    Weather been nice and sunny here today as well.
    Enjoy your evening.

  2. We had rain rain and heavy rain...with maybe a dash of sun!
    Yo Yo's looking good, the first time I saw them was in Amish country :)
    The doggie piccie is great!

  3. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends Lynda! Hugs Christine x