Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas Day 2 - door gate continues.

Let's start with last night.  I decided to play solitaire on my iPad - something that I do occasionally just because.  Imagine my surprise when this message popped up - I'm now in fifth position for the smallest number of moves on a certain game!  Whoop woop - usually I'm just happy getting the game to work out!

As for door gate - well it never turned up - although the firm are convinced that the driver tried to deliver again and left a card - trust me there's no card and I'm beginning to wonder if he's trying to deliver to the right house! I then rang the delivery company who, despite me planning to stay in all day to wait for delivery, informed me that the door was back in the warehouse.  They sent me a picture of the front door so we know that they have the right house but apparently "left a card" doesn't actually mean that they will gave left one.  I give up!

Consequently we didn't go out until lunch time.  We ventured to my favourite destination - good old Atlantic Village ( a small retail outlet centre) and enjoyed a pasty for lunch at The Cornish Pasty Company.  After some shopping ( of course) it was then a rush home so that Dad could sit in front of "Final Score" watching his team - Leicester City - trying to beat Everton.  Meanwhile we decided that Christmas has started and cracked open the Tesco Stollen - which, I have to admit, was very very nice!

Whilst at Atlantic Village my eye caught this lovely duvet set which would go nicely into my newly decorated, Lynette Anderson influenced bedroom.  They didn't have a King Size set - so I have ordered one online!

Tonight it's the Strictly final ( come on Kevin from Grimsby) and I am planning to start the 36 yoyos needed for a cushion.  I have to make 36 so have started cutting out the circles - wish me luck!


  1. Ooo my...that stollen looks GOOD!! Don't suppose its going to last another week though!
    Love the duvet set.
    Hmm to the door gate! How clever of them to take a pic of the door though!

  2. I love stolen, not had any yet though!

    I do like that bed set , yes agree will go perfectly with a lynette Anderson theme, and your favourite colour too.
    Well hope you enjoy your evening watching strictly, and sewing yo yos.