Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The only way is up!

Clearly the next few days will be difficult but I have decided that I need to keep busy for the sake of my sanity!

First stop was the dreaded Christmas present - If you recall I have broken a large number of needles and am getting very frustrated - quite frankly, if it didn't work today then I was considering throwing the whole thing away and buying a present.  However a combination of rethreading the machine and bobbin plus the loan of a specialist needle from Ev - and I've cracked it - yippee - I could not be happier (well you know what I mean).

Linda Chevin-HallThen it was onto the computer to book a couple of workshops at The Bramble Patch with Sewingbuddy plus a couple of friends.  We wanted to learn how to draw with the machine and so have booked a Janet Clare workshop in April whilst February sees us learning how to make appliqued patchwork animals and then learn about making cushions with piping (I have never mastered piping).  Since one of the animals is a fox, and nearly all of my family support Leicester City - the foxes -  I guess this could be one Christmas present for 2016 completed!

Next up was a festive related square for the facebook Quilting Bee swap.  I was late with the November block (Black and white with an aqua cross) so it felt good to get both posted off and be back on track with the deadlines.  I also posted 5 more snowflakes off for a different swap.  Originally there were 22 to do - I have done 15 so far - so I have broken the back of this swap.

Next up was some church admin and sorting of cash to be paid in.  When I returned from the post office, I took the opportunity to put yet more leaves into the garden bin for collection this week.  Then there was some washing to do and some general tidying up - not a bad collection of completed jobs before lunch.

After lunch - well there might have been a little snooze or two - it was time to walk Millie in the December sunshine before heading out.  This evening I am watching a production of Jane Eyre from the Bristol Old Vic (one of those live screenings that I like) at 7pm but need some garden twine for a WI wreath that we are making on Thursday and some curtain "grommets" for a poop bag project that I want to try.  Rather than make a special journey for these few bits it seems to make sense to go early and try and get what I need - even if tea then becomes a sandwich and a wait in the car - ooh I could take some more hexagons to do - now that's an idea!


  1. Sounds like a productive day...and good to be busy as you say. Poop bag sounds intriguing!

  2. Looking forwRd to our workshops in the new year!
    Enjoy your evening.