Monday, 6 June 2016

An expensive habit!!

Now some would be forgiven in thinking that quilting is an expensive habit - but I have discovered something far worse!  I feel like an undercover reporter with some expose to sell but .........

I took my broken screen to Timpsons today - they advertise repairing screens and are next to Tesco's so you can literally drop your phone off, do your shopping and then pick the phone up.  It was excellent service and, to be fair, I was told of the price before I handed the phone over but it was (wait for it)  £79.95!!!!  Now that would be bad enough but they were saying that they have one customer who regularly comes in after a weekend to have his screen replaced - at least 10 / 11 times so far they reckon!!  Yikes - you could buy a new phone for that!


Anyway the shopping has been done - and I picked up the essentials for my holiday - you know the sort of things - pack up stuff, drinks and cups plus, apparently, nibbles for the evening which, I am assured by Sewingbuddy is a vital part of the holiday.  Apparently we all meet up and share our nibbles!

I also cadged a couple of empty, unused , pizza boxes to keep my quilt blocks in.  I have meant to ask for sometime but it was quiet this morning so I chanced my luck.  She said no at first but then chased after me and gave me two.

This afternoon was the craft group, where we made a start on making things for the paper festival.. It has to be said that we didn't have much to show for our efforts!   When I came home, however, there were some lovely boxes waiting to be filled with my lavender ravioli - more of that in a later blog - intrigued?

After the dogs were walked in this lovely sunshine, I sat down and finished the quilting homework for tomorrow night - leaving it to the last minute as ever.  Tonight I want to start trimming the blocks down ready to add the sashing.  I did a check last night - by my reckoning I still have around 15 blocks to make !!


  1. Lavender ravioli...that has got my taste buds going....although not sure I fancy it as a savoury option...but lets wait until we hear the other ingredients.
    Had a fair idea on the screen cost as Teen One's brand new phone arrived cracked at Christmas, so we looked into the cost rather than sending it back...but decided at that price they ought to replace it! My friend recently paid £50 so that seems about the right price...BE MORE CAREFUL from now on, there are much better things to spend £80 on!

    1. Oh dear me dear - I think you may end up disappointed with the ravioli

  2. Glad you got your phone fixed.
    And sorted our holiday requirements- say no more , nudge nudge!
    What a good idea about the pizza boxes?

    1. I can't claim it as my idea - I read it somewhere. I offered to pay but there was no code for the computer