Friday, 3 June 2016

On a roll - again!

Well the dawn broke and, as they say, I was "up and at em".  Last night's disappointing WI competition (I didn't get a place) was swept aside by the memory of all my cakes being eaten - see mum, I'm becoming a baker!

First task was to gut the kitchen - after the baking and the flower arranging, the room needed some tender loving care.  I had a man coming this afternoon to quote  for blinds in the craft room and the kitchen so it needed to be respectable.  Then I cut out some more tuesday night blocks ( I think that I now have 8 to sew on Sunday) before settling down to sew the binding and hanging sleeve onto the Anni Downs quilt.  Tonight I will finish by handsewing and will try to take a photo of the finished quilt.  Mind you - I say finished - there are some buttons to add of course!

After hoovering the lounge (twice since Daisy decided to litter it with her debris) it was then time to spend more time clearing the craft room.  Those who know the state of this room will appreciate how empty it is now.  I just have another set of shelves to empty and then I will dismantle the cutting table.  Mind you I predict that you will soon hear of my demise in bed due to falling plastic boxes.  They do seem to be stacked high next to the bed (in the shade so that the fabric doesn't fade!)

The blind man came and went - the blinds should be fitted in the next 3 / 4 weeks - and the dogs have been walked.  I guess that it's now time to sit down and start the hand sewing then! (excuses, excuses)

Tomorrow is the quilt show at Spalding - my list is written but, tonight, I will sort out my bag for optimum purchasing space!  Mind you Sewingbuddy was talking about going today so I suspect that there will be nothing left!

By the way, no change on the scales front.  Never mind, we soldier on!


  1. Wow that IS an empty craft room!! Can just imagine what that once lovely new look bedroom now looks like! Only temporary though :)

  2. Cheeky-
    Yes I did go to spalding today and,have left some bits that I didn't want for you to buy!
    But it was great thoroughly enjoyed it, even had time to shop in Springfields for a few hrs.
    And fish and chips on the way home.
    Can't wait to see the a d quilt mon Sunday.