Monday, 13 June 2016

Day 2 and the adventure continues

Well - last night was wifi gate - so many complaints, so little wifi access!  The trouble is we are all so used to phones, iPads etc that, with no phone signal and dodgy wifi connection, this is a real emergency.  However we are assured that the engineer is coming out today!

After a breakfast of fruit n yog, toast n jam plus a full English, we set off to Pickering for the morning.  There was a market on and some stalls made a good profit from us.  I also bagged a bargain in a charity shop - two lovely bits of fabric and no charge for one of them.  Coffee ( yes no cake - honest) was in my kind of cafe - filled with a lively range of crafts. I managed to bag myself a little goody or two for the craft room.

This afternoon we travelled on to a charming village - Thornton le dale - where there was a beautiful country cottage for people to sketch and paint. Me? Well i found the ice cream shop!  Fortunately the weather is holding out and it's pleasantly warm.  I also picked up a couple of ideas for future craft projects - if only there was time!

Tonight I have been partnered with a poor gentleman called John to play boules. I say poor - he has no idea how bad I am at such games!  We have all been allocated partners at random to make sure that we all integrate.  I will let you know about our failure tomorrow!

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