Thursday, 9 June 2016

Help - it's an emergency!

Yesterday afternoon I started with really painful toothache - so painful that the two paracetamols taken before Hamlet (more of that later) started didn't touch the sides.  When I got home I took two co-codamol tablets but, again, they did not help and I ended up sleeping in a chair - it was just too painful to lie down.  Consequently my first phone call this morning was to the dentists - with a very pitiful cry of help.  I can't face going away next week in this much pain.  Fortunately he can see me tomorrow morning so let's hope that he can sort it.

Today was full holiday mode - my hair has been cut and coloured, clothes have been washed and ironed and the suitcase is seeing the light!  I have also taken the cutting table down and moved it into the lounge so the craft room is nearly empty - I have to say its a decent sized room when its empty!

Back to Hamlet though.  Now you must understand that I love Shakespeare and recently enjoyed Benedict Cumberbatch's version.  I found it very easy to follow and a brilliant study into the descent into madness.  Whilst the actor playing Hamlet last night, Paapa Essiedu , was brilliant the director had turned Denmark into a Ghanian version of itself, with beating drums (lots of them) and everything seemed to be in the wrong order.  I understand that my toothache would not make me disposed to much - but, at the interval, I looked at Wendy, who looked back - and then we left and didn't come back for the second half.  Ah well - at least we tried!


  1. Poor you!! Hope you can get it sorted. What a shame about Shakespeare, not like you to leave half way through!!xxxxx

  2. Ooo ouch...toothache can be horrendous!! Have had very unpleasant experiences in that dept that I don't care to repeat! As for the Shakespeare, well you were brave to try it!

  3. Hope your dentist can sort you out before you go away! Christine x

  4. Oh dear, hope you get the tooth sorted tomorrow.
    as I don't want to be witness to you drinking all week to take the pAin away.
    Or worse still he gives you antibiotics so you can't drink!
    Don't know what's worse?

    Shame about Shakespeare.