Monday, 20 June 2016

New floor and Lincolnshire show decisions - what a morning!

This morning the weather has been foul!  I only mention that because I had hoped to capitalise on my new found "interest" in weeding and was going to do some more!  I was expecting the carpet fitters this morning to lay the levelling compound in the craft room so wanted to utilise my time. Instead it was sewing - again!

Carine rang and we discussed the show entry for the WI. The show is on Wednesday and Thursday but the entries have to be taken over tomorrow. You may recall that we have my bag and someone is going to arrange the flowers today. We also had to add some baking and was going for a "picnic" theme. We had hoped that someone would make us a crusty loaf which Carine could fill with a pressed layer filling. However that volunteer didn't come through and Carine was stressed about her bread making skills. By the time we finished talking she decided to make a carrot cake - she is a fantastic cake maker!

This afternoon was the weekly craft club where we were focussing on making things for the church paper festival. It's in August and I have a list as long as my arm to make for my area - but we also have a church to fill - help!
This afternoon brightened up enough to take the dogs for a nice walk. Note to self - don't wear clean trousers when there's a wet rugrat on the loose - nobody warned me how springy a Cockerpoo is!
Tonight it's the England match so Carine has kindly printed me out the Splendid Sampler hexagons - 3/8" in size - tiny!  We've used dissolvable paper so that I don't have to remove the paper. However it's something that you can easily do whilst watching the footie!


  1. Never heard of levelling compound! Mmm, that box does not some more filling doesn't it!

  2. The floor looks lovely. A filled box starts with one item. The secret is to keep going!!!! Xxxx