Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A modern day "who didn't do it?"

Today - you decide.  The bedroom is not finished - but who is to blame?  As leader of the unit, Colonel Jean has called the suspects in, one by one, and asked them to give an account of the situation as they see it.  Please read carefully and decide for yourself.

Sgt Millie:-

I despair, I really do.  We had been given our orders and I was ready to greet the day at 06:00am - yet Corporal Lynda didn't emerge until after 08:00.  Leaders should really lead by example!

After the recent events in the UK - including the football last night - I dreamt of reclaiming the bedroom and staking our flag.  I had a plan - dispatch Corporal Lynda to the cinema for some training videos and to pick up much needed supplies such as custard creams (she was of no use anyway) - whilst Private Daisy and I set to. 

I had hoped that Private Daisy was a goner yesterday after that court martial but somehow, like a bad penny, she has turned up again for duty.  I say "duty" - it was more like bouncing around the house singing "I'm beautiful, I'm pretty, everybody loves me la la la".  It would be easier to get on by myself!

The first problem came as Corporal Lynda left for her training session - AND SHUT US IN THE KITCHEN!! This was valuable time wasted when we couldn't tackle the bedroom.  Still (yawn) I had had an early start so 40 winks wouldn't hurt I guess.

When she returned, Corporal Lynda fussed around - getting lunch and baking cakes for her sewing group  tonight.  By the time we had gone for our constitutional the day had simply disappeared.  It is not my fault - I was ready and willing!  Mind you I got my own back - I "escaped" up at the beach and ran around the empty car park - ooh it was funny!

Private Daisy:-

"I'm beautiful, I'm pretty, everybody loves me la la la".

Ah - okay - I am being serious.  Sgt Millie was being such a grouch today and not playing.  But I really started to rebel when she threatened to tie a duster to my tail so that the job would get done more quickly.  Thank goodness mum Corporal Lynda came home and I could wrap her around my little fingers .  She gave me a chew and then set about making cakes before we went up to the beach for a walk.  When we got back, Corporal Lynda then started preparing for her sewing class tonight. It's her fault really - leaders should lead - and not get distracted!  I think that we should have a vote of no confidence and get rid of her!

Corporal Lynda:-

I was scheduled for a visit to the Senior Screen this morning where I watched the film "Bastille Day" - clearly a training film for future terrorist operations.  Whilst I was away I had instructed Sgt Millie and was deeply disappointed to see that the work was not completed.  This is not the first time that Sgt Millie has simply laid down on the job and I shall be recommending Private Daisy to be promoted and take over this leadership role.  I simply cannot be expected to do it all!  After all I seem to be company leader, cook and seamstress - its just toooo much - I need another lie down!

So - you decide - who is to blame for this aborted mission?


  1. Court marshall the lot of 'em! We'll have no slacking in the ranks in this troop!

  2. I agree with 'Happymum'. Barmy the lot of them. I am getting quite concerned about child I raised!!!!! xxxx