Monday, 27 June 2016

Battle of the bedroom

Today I can exclusively report on the progress made in this awful, and sometimes downright filthy, war.

Sergeant Millie in control
Private Daisy slacking!

Daisy Debris
At 10:30am the heavy machinery was able to enter the room and start to clear up the debris.  Troops on the ground had secured the carpet and made way for the hoover.  This was a time consuming task but one that was thought vital to the overall success of the mission.  Sergeant Millie directed operations and ensured that Private Daisy restored order to the craft room and items were relocated.  At 11am precisely Sergeant Millie reported to Corporal Lynda that the room was clear for the ceremony of the bed changing.  Corporal Lynda received Sergeant Millie in her private lounge where she was enjoying a well earned rest from her morning of ironing, housework and general drudgery.  Meanwhile Private Daisy was enjoying the newfound space within the bedroom and littering it with her trademarked "Daisy Debris"

Linda cutting out angels
Jean insisted on a second photo - she wasn't smiling in the first one!

The ever empty box !
At noon, Corporal Lynda undertook a charity mission to the local dog rescue home to deliver the discarded pillows and dog bed (it was, I understand, immediately given to an aged Labrador who was likely not to be rehomed and therefore could enjoy the luxury new bed) before travelling on to engage in a two hour workshop on paper crafting - will this pile of paper crafts ever grow she asked me.  Meanwhile Sergeant Millie and Private Daisy were left to continue with the mission.

Three hexies sewn yesterday - more tonight!

By 3pm Corporal Lynda was facing a mutiny - Sergeant Millie and Private Daisy demanded a walk along the beach ( secretly hoping that their boss would then forget about more work when they got home).  Their masterplan worked (they ought to have called Sergeant Millie "Mutley" - I swear I could see her shoulders moving up and down as she sniggered to herself).  The final part of their mission - to restore calm and order to the area formerly known as "bedroom" - would take part tomorrow.  Tonight, this small team of three would enjoy the traditional relaxation of football and sewing.

Postscript:- I understand that Sergeant Millie has been nominated for two awards.

1. The "Nosbod" medal for service to the home in recapturing the bedroom, and
2. The "Long Sufference Award" for her partnership with Private Daisy.

Meanwhile Private Daisy has been court-martialled and ordered to pay costs for her continuous littering of the "field" with her debris.  I understand that Private Daisy apologised, wagged her tail, jumped up and licked the judge all over his face - then fell asleep in his lap.


  1. Very good!!!!! A nice Monday afternoon chuckle. Keep going you will find the whole bedroom eventually!! What did I do today? Sat outside and sorted bulbs - yes I know!!!!!! But I needed to recover after giving birth to our no.4 child,51 years ago!!xxxx

  2. Well I called off the search and rescue team but am wondering if a call to the men in white coats might be appropriate!!What does go in that head of yours? :) x
    Looking forward to tomorrows installment!

    1. Funny that one - I had Blackadder running through my head when I wrote it!