Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Day 3 - and it's the art workshop - help!

You need to understand - I am not an artist!  Consequently the idea of a whole day doing art filled me with dread. Not only that but, on Thursday night, everyone is supposed to enter a piece of art into an exhibition!  What have I got myself into?  Thus morning, therefore, I spent the time between breakfast and the workshop playing with an idea that we learnt at college.  If you scrunch up cartridge paper it breaks down the fibres and becomes like fabric - could I paint a simple seaside landscape and add some embroidery?  Of course I won't have the right colour threads but I could give it a shot- right?

After 30 minutes I had arrived at this - and left it drying on the windowsill. I am pleased with the shading and can imagine the sunshine. However the jury is out as to whether I will use it.

Next up was the workshop - a view of Whitby steps - I used ink for the outlines and Koh-I-nor paints and a watercolour wash- get me!  Mind you I could see an awfully lot of good artwork in the room!

The final picture wasn't bad and, I suspect, will become my entry - on the grounds that it takes the pressure off and I can focus on some sewing!  I should explain that I am not allowed to show you Terry's masterpiece - I am under pain of death - she means business!!

The rest of the day was spent doing our own thing. I used the time to design my mystery block for scamblesby - no picture - just a hint!  I also found a fellow embroiderer / patchwork enthusiast so we shared contacts!

Mind you - the sun did make an appearance so we did have a sneaky sunbathe!

We have chosen our food for tonight - smoked salmon late / beef fillet and chocolate brownie with clotted cream - but don't know yet what the evening entertainment will be. Last night we had a quiz and our team came second. Our prize? Two ripple bars between the four of us!


  1. I think the picture is amazing...and talking of amazing...that view of the grounds looks simply stunning!
    Dinner doesn't sound half bad either! Am feeling just a tad jealous!

  2. Looks a lovely place for a holiday. You had sun.!!!!! We had rain!!!!xxxxxx