Friday, 24 June 2016

The day after the night before .........

Well - what can I say? 

Who would have thought? 

I really didn't see that one coming!

I went to Dunelm to buy some curtains and came home with a different "non sale" pair.  Oh - did you think that I was talking about the referendum vote?  Sorry - I try not to be too political here.  All I will say is that I hope everyone voted and that my fears are proved wrong.  I have heard of several people who voted out believing that they were wasting their vote but wanted a moment of rebellion!

Anyway - back to today.  I took 2/3 of the laminate floor to the tip, plus the blind, and then travelled on to Dunelm.  As you may know their sale finishes on Sunday and I had my eyes on some chenille curtains.  Their cranberry ones were on sale - but I preferred their red ones.  What's a girl to do?  Save £32 and go for a colour that's not quite right or?  Well - let's just say that there's a pair of lovely red curtains over the chair in the lounge!

After a quick trip to Tesco's for this month's "Today's Quilter" magazine (plus a copy for Wendy) it was home to try and do some more damage control.  Last night, just after I got in from the Theatre, the heavens opened and the conservatory flooded - there are now several loads of towels to be washed! 

This afternoon it was the finishing touches to the hall - I've bought a nice bunch of flowers to brighten it up - and some preparation for tomorrow.  We are starting a monthly Saturday sewing day at Scamblesby and I want to use the time to get on with the quilting of my Tuesday night blocks.  I will finish it.  I will finish it.  I will finish it ................

The theatre last night was, erm, interesting.  Undoubtedly fantastic singers, their acting was a little "hammish" (one leading actor came on with a  moustache hanging off and hands on his waits being the great I am) and the story somewhat bizarre.  Let's just say that Jean and I got the giggles halfway through the first half and never really stopped - tut tut!  Tonight I am out again at the pub for the monthly book club meeting followed by a quiz - gosh my social life!  I'm out again tomorrow night - shh!  Don't tell anyone!


  1. Ooo err to the flooding. Red bedroom ones are red....but sadly they are very unforgiving with the sun and are now terribly faded in parts....draw yours when the sun is out is my advice!

  2. What a shame about your conservatory, hopefully it will dry out OK. Looking g forward to seeing craft room completed. It won't be long until you get you home back to normal.xxxxx

  3. I hope you are able to fix whatever went wrong to have your conservatory leak/flood in a rain storm it seems as though that should not happen and good you where home to clean and dry it so there would be no damage