Wednesday, 22 June 2016

I can see clearly now .......


Firstly - the WI entry.  We didn't win - but then again didn't expect to.  We were awarded 89.5 points out of 100 (the winner got 97!) and my bag was awarded 18/20 marks so I am okay with that.  More importantly there was some detailed feedback that we can build on next year.

Today's aim was to reclaim the lounge. So, of course, I started by popping the poorly sewing machine into Grimsby to be repaired, popped into Asda and then into B & Q where I met another ex colleague and had a natter.  I was in B & Q because I had long admired the Karcher window washer and had a £10 off a £50 spend voucher to use by this weekend.  Serendipty?  I have to say it does exactly what it says on the box - spray, swish and "vacuum" - disgustingly dirty water and streak free.  Those irritating marks from Daisy's paws and Millie's nose were gone in moments.

I did discover the lounge floor and it is now hoovered, furniture dusted and windows washed.  One room down, so many to go!  Meanwhile the craft room is filling up nicely.  I am trying to employ the technique of finding everything its rightful place - well, I did say trying!  I have now reclaimed the 2 sofas in the conservatory and am starting to make inroads.  Mind you I spent precious time finding partners for knitting needles and trying to sort them!

Tonight its a "quick" church meeting to "square the circle" - no money, a roof to fix, a new mower desperately needed and £8000 to find before the end of the year to pay our quota - ho hum!  As treasurer why am I always the bad guy?


  1. Oh dear to the church funds...twas ever thus!
    Liking the sound of the window washer!

  2. Well done on the sorting jobs! The window washer sounds great. Well done on getting 18/20 for your bag.xxxx,