Thursday, 16 June 2016

Day 5 - a change of heart

Well - today was meant to be a trip out to Castle Howard. However I had woken in the middle of the night with a stinking headache, and felt a little sick in the morning, so I changed my mind and stayed in the hotel. But there was a small group of us - painting and crafting.  Sometimes you just need a quiet, self indulgent day don't you?

Last night's entertainment was a quiz. I say "entertainment" but we were truly awful and came last!!  There were, however, some questions that I had no right to know but did - such as "Who was the second American President?" ( John Adams) - now where did that come from?

This afternoon I sat in my bedroom watching England beat Wales "the long way around".  How can such a talented team make such hard work of it?  However I was also able to finish a peice of embroidery and make it into a post card.  It will be my entry into the exhibition tonight.  Apparently there are three categories - painting, sketching and crafts for the non painters.  At least I have made an effort!

So, tonight is our final meal before heading home via Bridlington tomorrow. Tonight's choice is pea and ham soup, chicken in wild mushroom and white wine sauce with apple pie and custard for afters.  It's going to be hard to go back to normal food tomorrow!

I won't miss the cruelness of the leaders though.  Karen and Pete are kind and welcoming but Debbie works us too hard and, her husband, Ian has a penchant for taking incriminating photos - I refuse to accept that it was me asleep in the sun with my mouth open!


  1. Very pretty postcard.xxxxx

  2. Ahh sad you felt poorly...but sounds like you bucked up a little if the thought of that yummy dinner was appealing...and presumably the tooth has been quiet??