Sunday, 19 June 2016

"The gooseberries and the Ivy"

After a good nights sleep I woke up - yep - with another headache. However by 9:30 it had passed so I set to. I didn't want another day to drift by.  First up was some more Tuesday night blocks - I know, they seem never ending. We only have two more weeks before we break for summer - and start a new project in September. So between now and September I gave 5 blocks to finish, 40 blocks to quilt and then 49 to put into a quilt and bind - not much then!  I wouldn't mind but I am hampered by Daisy who keeps popping her head through for attention whilst I am sewing!

 Anyway I managed 4 ( yes there are still5 to finish - I didn't count today's efforts) whilst I caught up with The Archers.

By now the sun was shining so I ventured into a forgotten spot in the garden. Next to the conservatory is a store cupboard but it's hardly used, blocks the windows and allows the ivy to go mad.  Not only that but stinging nettles bars the way - time for action!

 The weeds were pulled, the garden waste bin filled, the storage bin emptied and moved, the ladders came out and the ivy pulled - all under Daisy and Miilie's watchful eyes.  If I couldn't pull the ivy then the stem has been cut so there will be die back.  By the time I finished I realised how much space I had - - particularly with the rotation of the bin.

I am going to leave it for a few days and then do a final tidy - before cleaning out the bin. The idea is to move as many tools as possible from the decrepit shed -with a view to buying a new shed later in the year - trust me, it won't survive another winter!

Whilst I was out in the garden I took the opportunity to mow the lawn and noticed that the gooseberries were  starting to fall off. I only have one bush, which Dad planted for me - an apt time to publicly wish him Happy Farhers day- and there seems to be too many gooseberries for the bush.

For Fathers Day I sent dad this plaque - it's in the style of the blue plaques put on famous people's houses. You may recall that he is a Leicester City fan and so this seemed apt - he was thrilled!


  1. Well done on your sewing and gardening!!!! Very impressed with your gooseberries! I love them (NOT)!!!!!! We have several bushes in the garden and they all grow very well.!!!
    Dad loves his plaque(sp?) It now adorns the front wall over the porch. Xxxx

  2. What a fab idea for a pressie!! Clever you! Well done on the sort out round the back as well...have been looking at buying one of those storage units ourselves funnily enough, for a dark corner of the garden that nothing ever grows can never have too much storage...especially when the car is in the garage!