Friday, 10 June 2016

Mummy - I've lost my comfort blanket!

Well - last night I resorted to sleeping in the chair again - but only managed around 3 hours of sleep - so I am shattered today.  However I took myself off to the dentist - who declared an abscess and inflamed gum - prescribing antibiotics for the week.  However - and here is the down side - he did say that he was only 50% confident that this would sort the problem out.  Because the area causing concern is under a bridge, and because the tooth in question has had root canal treatment before, if this doesn't sort it then I would need to be referred to a specialist dentist in Nottingham , Sheffield or Leeds - all around 2 hours away then!  So let's hope that the tablets work - even if that does mean no alcohol on holiday then!

There is always an upside to being poorly - I did manage to get some hand sewing in today and finished an embroidered block for the Splendid Sampler.  That was in between more ironing, tidying and sorting the now nearly empty craft room.

So - why the blog title?  Well Daisy has taken to walking round the house with a  comforter in her mouth.  This morning it was an empty Jiffy envelope, this afternoon an old cloth.  She doesn't do much with them - just sits and holds them - bless!

Tonight I am expecting someone to come and pick some drawers up that I listed on the freely given facebook page, the decorator to pick up a key and give last minute instructions to and my craft to sort out for the holiday - colours of threads etc.  The next Lynnette Anderson block arrived yesterday so I am hoping to prep that as well - ever hopeful!


  1. Hope the tablets kick in fast, and you get a better nights sleep tonight.

  2. Ahhh she looks so cute!
    Sorry about the tooth :( sounds a painful and possible expensive problem, hope the meds sort it and you can enjoy the holiday.