Sunday, 5 June 2016

The little ups and downs of life!

So - today was our sewing day at Scamblesby - a fabulously friendly day , organised by Sewingbuddy and catered for by Jean - its a day to just sit, sew and chat.  We all enjoy it so much that we are branching out and meeting on one Saturday a month as well - get us!

Having finished my Anni Downs quilt, I took it for a show and tell, but focussed on sewing the Tuesday night blocks - I managed to sew 7 blocks in total so will need, tonight, to layer up the blocks and check off which ones still need to be completed.

I also made a start on some of the free machine embroidery - trying out two different patterns.  Again I am not an expert but I am feeling a little happier about the outcomes.

Then Pat arrived - she had been at a papercraft show.  She bought me a little pressie - a lovely tin from the Lynette Anderson range - how lovely that she thought of me!

So - if that's the high - then what was the low? Well two of them really - the lesser is that I dropped my phone when I got home so am now the proud owner of a cracked screen which I would want mending before I go away on holiday.  Of a more serious nature, and one that puts others in perspective, is that Jean and I were held up by a car accident.  We didn't see it but it looked like a large car had knocked a lady off her bike.  I can only pray that she is okay!


  1. Oh dear, a cracked phone is nothing compared to the car accident you witnessed!
    Glad you enjoyed today, I know I did, and am currently sitting in the garden with a glass of wine- practising of course for our holidays!
    Bring it on!

  2. Its good to get things into perspective isn't it....hope you can get the screen fixed without too much hassle.

  3. What a shame to end a lovely day with 2 'downs'. As you say the phone is nothing compared to the road accident. Hopefully everyone is OK. Xxxxx