Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The world is going mad!!

Well - after yesterday's blog - the company has all been court marshalled and given a dishonourable discharge.  Sgt Millie is taking it bad and has taken to the sofa in the conservatory to "contemplate" her future.  Private Daisy has celebrated by running up and down the stairs - for the first time ever!  Meanwhile I, declared mad by own mother, chose to go to Springfields in Spalding - a 3 hour round trip.

She might have a point - it was a three hour round trip so that Jean could exchange two sweatshirts for a larger size!  Mind you I did pop into The Works and picked up a couple of things for the paper festival.  I also spent some time in Costa with my favourite lemon tart - oh and a coffee of course!

I got home at lunchtime and popped upstairs - with Daisy following me - to fill up a couple of charity bags ready to put out tomorrow.  Then it was on to the main event - finishing the bedroom now that the special forces have been sacked.  There wasn't much to do - just a couple more boxes to move and then a final hoover - those cobwebs WILL be defeated!  But I can now declare that the bedroom is RECLAIMED!

After a quick dishwasher loading and general tidying of the kitchen, it was then time to continue with the quilting of the Tuesday night blocks.  I made good headway last night but there are still 8 or so to do.  My aim is to have them all quilted and ready to start sewing together when we have our sewing day at Scamblesby on Sunday.  I REALLY want to see the back of this one so that I can start to focus on Christmas presents (oops - the C word - well, its only 178 days to go!).

Tonight, for a change, I am in - so really should pick up that hand sewing and get on.  You may recall that I started June with a box full to hand sew - yes, you've guessed it, most of them are still there!


  1. Good to read some law and order has returned to the household! Mmmm love that lemon tart! Well done on cracking the bedroom clearing!

  2. Ah my whole house could use your get her done method
    Colleen 👍🏻